1962 Maserati 3500GT Vignale Spyder By Symbolic International

This Maserati is one of 252 examples completed.  There were two prototypes and 250 production examples.  All of these Maseratis were completed in a relatively long production run that began in March of 1959 and ended in June of 1964.

The Vignale body-production and job number for this Maserati is No. 233.  This number is grease-penciled in a variety of places on the vehicle and the two digit number “33” and three digit number “233” is stamped on numerous panels and trim pieces throughout the vehicle.  The original Vignale Body tag is also stamped “233.”

The original order for this Maserati came from Hoffman Motors Corporation located at 9130 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, California.  This was one of eight similar Vignale Spyders painted “Bianco Le Touquet” (White – Max Meyer Code 13.470) with a Black Full Connolly Leather (Code PAC.1560 interior.

According to Maserati’s internal records, this Maserati was formally identified on December 15th, 1962.  A request for shipping was initiated two-days later on December 17th, via the Port of Genoa, Italy.  The vehicle was completed on December 22nd, 1962 and shipped shortly thereafter by ocean vessel to the Port of Los Angeles, California.  This vehicle was fitted with optional power windows and five optional Borrani wire wheels and Pirelli Cinturato Tires and a special “short” 4.09:1” final drive ratio.  Special floor mats were also fitted.

After the sale of this Maserati by Hoffman Motors, almost nothing is known regarding this particular vehicle over the next near fifty years until it was purchased sometime in 1985 by MIE (Maserati Information Exchange) in Auburn, Washington.  At the time of the sale, the car was still on an original California “old-style / Pink-Slip” type “110” title which indicates that this would have been issued to the first original registered owner.  Unfortunately the current and former folks at MIE do not recall any of the specifics of the transaction or from whom they actually purchased the vehicle from.  They have however confirmed that the car was quite derelict and had been off the road for some time.  At the time it was acquired, values were still relatively low.  

MIE continued for several years to treat this Maserati as a source of parts until 1987/1988 when prices and interest started to rise dramatically.  MIE then made a wise decision and began a comprehensive restoration of the vehicle.  On May 9th, 1988 MIE surrendered the original California title and received a new Washington, State Title which remains with this Maserati even today.  Work to restore this Vignale Spyder then commenced at a rapid pace.

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