1959 BMW 503 Coupé Series II by HK-Engineering

HK-Engineering offers one of a total of only 136 produced BMW 503 Coupes of the later Series II, which are already provided with straight expiring trim at the rear and with a popular floor shift.

According to BMW Classic information, this very rare coupé was ordered in cherry-/ venetian red and delivered to the Automag in Munich, Germany on December 10th, 1959. As an option, the car is equipped with a manual steel sunroof, Rudge hubcaps, disc brakes and side air intakes of the BMW 507. In addition, for a obviously very important customer, a 3.2 engine with 160 hp was installed at the factory, which is also listed under Accessories according to BMW Classic. The vehicle has been demonstrably in German ownership since 2006, has already been completely restored and is still in very good overall condition. We are handing over this extraordinary BMW 503 Coupé ready for approval with new TÜV and H-approval.

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Report by hk-engineering.de

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