1951 Stanguellini 1100 Sport Monoalbero Barchetta by Marreyt Classics

After reading this description, you will understand why we get so excited about this particular Stanguellini.

This Stanguellini with chassis number CS 01113 was a special order, fitted with Stanguellini’s tried and tested upgraded single overhead cam engine based on the Fiat 1100 unit.

Shortly after leaving the Stanguellini factory with a barchetta body identical to the Stanguellini 1100 which drove the 1951 Mille Miglia, this 1100 Sport Barchetta was converted to become the only Vignale Cabriolet ever built on a Stanguellini chassis – a very elegant body constructed on a competition designed tubular chassis.

This conversion by Vignale was ordered by Belgian race enthusiast Georges De Wit who participated at the Liège-Rome-Liège (Georges I & Georges II) and Tour de Belgique Automobile (Georges – De Wirth) in 1951.

Later in life, CS 01113 was found back in Belgium in a derelict state, and without its Vignale body. The new owner of the restoration project, the famous Italian collector Corrado Cupellini, decided to involve the Stanguellini museum and Vittorio Stanguellini’s son Francesco in his ambitious project to restore CS 01113 to its original specifications. His restorer, Carlo Pirovano from Merate near Bergamo, received full support from the Stanguellini museum and obtained original plans from them to ensure this new body would look exactly as CS 01113’s original barchetta body. Francesco Stanguellini himself even came over to discuss the work with him.



After a few years in Italy, this exceptional and archetypal Mille Miglia barchetta found a new home in Japan, where it took part in many classic car events, returning several times to Italy for the 2005 Gran Premio Nuvolari and the 2007 Historic Mille Miglia.

Today, CS 01113 is in excellent condition throughout, on the button, and immediately ready for more historic competition fun – a real competition etceterini barchetta!

Well described in Stanguellini book by Orsini/Zagari, this is a very rare Stanguellini with a nice racing history in Belgium! Price: 295.000 Euro


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Report by marreyt-classics.com

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