1927 Erdmann & Rossi Mercedes Benz SSK by Hamann Classic Cars

The Mercedes-Benz SSK is considered to be the epitome of German Engineering in it’s era having won many of the great races at the time with the famous race car driver Rudolf Caracciola at the wheel.

These large inline six cylinder engines received most of their power from a Supercharger as it was also used in the S and SS models. The SSK model identification stood for Super Sport Kurz chassis (short wheel base) and engine displacement in the SSK had been enlarged to 7.1 Liter. Less than 40 SSK were built and most of those are not in existence anymore. This very SSK is a very special example. It started life, as so many other SS and SSK, as a 680S Tourer and was ordered new in 1927 by a German industrialist by the name of Ernst Röchling who took delivery in 1928. This Ernst Röchling was good friends with Graf (Count) Rudolph (called by his friends Rudi) von Platen-Hallermund, a German aristocrat breeding thoroughbreds. Count Rudi von Platen-Hallermund was also the Captain of the German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm’s royal Yacht as well as the emperor’s Chamberlain.It was the count who purchased the car from Röchling and had it converted to SSK specifications which included enlarging the displacement from 6.8 liter to 7.1 liter and ultimately also shortening the chassis. He wanted a different, more sporty and yet also elegant body as the Rennsport version and commissioned the car to the Berlin based coach builders Erdmann & Rossi in 1933.The result is an extremely beautiful one-off body with striking Erdmann & Rossilines.The car was mostly hidden away by the count who was a fighter pilot during WW II and shot down. It was, as so many cars in Germany after WW II, confiscated by the allied forces and eventually made it’s way to the United States where it was discovered in the 80s and purchased by a German.This breathtaking SSK is well documented with not only the original factory build sheet (commission paper) but even more important, with all of the original hand written commission sheets from Erdmann & Rossi showing the initial order as well as additional requests by the count. It is featured in the Erdmann & Rossi and book with two factory photos as well as in the commission list from the factory archives. We even have the original glass negatives of three factory photographs.A true one-off in absolutely perfect Concours winning condition.

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