2000 Lotus Motorsport Elise

2000 Lotus Elise Motorsport finished in Silver with Black/Red interior. This is a factory prepared Motorsport Elise numbered 42 of 65 believed to have been built worldwide. Only 12 were imported to the US for track use. The Motorsport Elise is about as rare a car as Lotus ever built.

The Motorsport Elise was manufactured by the racing division of Lotus Cars and were vastly different than the normal Series 1 Exige cars.

They came with a normally aspired 1.8 Rover K Series engine mated to an ultra close ratio five speed manual gearbox, Speedline lightweight magnesium alloy wheels, racing seats with six point harnesses, removable Momo steering wheel, intergraded Safety Devices roll cage installed at the factory, adjustable coil overs, adjustable carbon fiber rear wing, large front splitter, carbon fiber instrument binnacle, carbon fiber door trim, carbon fiber center shift console, non glare dashboard, integrated fire system, external and internal kill switches, adjustable brake bias, Stack instrument cluster with data logging, sport exhaust system, limited slip differential and more.

The original Corbeau drivers seat has been replaced with a Lotus Exige Black leather seat on sliders to accommodate drivers of different sizes. The original Corbeau Sport seat comes with the car.

Weighing in at approximately 1,650 lbs, this is a purpose built car. There are no glass or even plexiglass side windows. The engine lid is super lightweight and louvered for additional engine cooling. The transmission has straight cut gears so it has a no nonsense race car sound.

Driving a Motorsport Elise is a unique experience. It is incredibly responsive, well balanced and just does everything exceptionally well.


Year: 2000
Make: Lotus
Model: Elise S1
Dealer: Hunting Ridge Motors
Hunting Ridge Motors
Vendor:Hunting Ridge Motors
Mark Starr has been buying and selling European and collectable cars since 1970. That was before he even had a drivers license. The love and passion for automotive design has been there since his early roots in Brooklyn starting with with MGs, Austin Healeys, Alfa Romeos and Porsches. He would search for cars through the Buy Lines and instead of partying with friends on a Saturday night, he’d await the early arrival of the Sunday NY Times and its automotive classified section. Although times and methods have changed, his passion for getting a jump on everyone and unearthing the best, rarest and most coveted cars remains to this day. Mark spent many years in the late 70’s and early 80’s as one of the first to import exclusive automobiles that ordinarily would not have graced our shores — Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvoles, 512BBs, Audi Sport Quattros, BMW M6s and powerful AMG tuned Mercedes Benzes. As a pioneering leader in the grey-market importation craze of the 80’s, Mark appeared on many television shows such as The Today Show and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as well as numerous articles in the NY Times and other periodicals. After several years in the menswear industry, the constant calling and deep rooted passion for automobiles led Mark back to his greatest passion and Hunting Ridge Motors Inc. was formed in 1995. His involvement, love and admiration for Lotus cars then led him to become an authorized Lotus dealer and at that time the largest Lotus dealer in the world. The passion now lies with the unearthing, restoration and marketing of vintage, sport and race cars and Mark takes prides in foreseeing collector car trends as he has done in the past with Ferrari, early Porsche cars, vintage BMWs and Volvo 1800’s. Each and every car in the HRM inventory is carefully selected to represent Mark’s philosophy that cars don’t necessarily need to be expensive to be collectable and a wide variety of vehicles and price points are important to help you find that matching set of unique style, design and performance attributes in your next vehicle, whether it be for driving or collecting.
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