1988 Porsche 911 Turbo

1988 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe
VIN: WP0JB0933JS050456

3 owners, 6,747 miles
Matching numbers engine and transmission
Major comprehensive service by Classic Porsche Atlanta and Canepa
Time-capsule 930, preserved and outstandingly original inside and out
Large collection of service documents, mileage documentation
Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, original window sticker, maintenance documents
Books, tools, and spare

Revealed to the world in 1974 at the Paris Auto Show, the concept Porsche 911 Turbo sparked a turbo street car era and was the beginning of what would span a long 15-year production run from 1975 to 1989. With Porsche taking their motorsports experience and applying it to their street car, the 911 Turbo became the turbo-boosted hot rod 911 that you could buy from the factory, with a warranty. Originally released with a 3.0-liter engine, in 1978 it received a 3.3-liter engine which helped with turbo lag and power, bumping up the power from 260hp to 300hp. Porsche now makes a 911 Turbo variant for every 911 generation, all due to the success and critical acclaim to the car that started it all, the Porsche 930.

This Guards Red 911 Turbo was completed at the Porsche factory on November 20th, 1987. It was optioned with a limited slip differential, Blaupunkt Radio ‘Reno’, steering wheel with a raised hub, alarm system, driver’s side lumbar support, electric sliding sunroof, and black leather interior. Destined for the U.S., the car was first delivered to Legend Autorama of Amityville, New York. The high performance 911 wouldn’t sit idle very long before its first owner eyed it at the dealer, looking for something that could excite him like his usual work transportation: fighter jets. On March 31st, 1988, Karl Lenker purchased it and drove the car back to Maryland while remaining the sole owner until 2016.

Predictably, Lenker did not stray from the usual jet fighter stereotype of wanting something fast on the ground as well as keeping fastidious notes and details about his transportation. During his entire ownership he kept an aircraft logbook that he recorded each and every trip that he took in the car, documenting the mileage from beginning to end and noting where he went. He drove the car sparingly until 2001 where he had amassed most of the 6,634 miles on the odometer. He kept the car serviced and up to date, driving the Turbo for special occasions while keeping it stored in his garage, evident from the all original Guards Red paint finish. In the late 90s he retired to his home in Florida after serving 25 years as a fighter pilot for the U.S. air force. In 2016, he sold the car to American racecar driver, Terry Borcheller, who had been eyeing Lenker’s Turbo for a while. A 5-time 24 Hours of Le Mans racer who placed 3rd in class in 2001 with a Saleen S7-R, Borcheller knew that the Porsche was mostly undisturbed since 2001 and wanted to do a thorough service. He decided that he would have the capable hands at Porsche Classic Atlanta go through the car to get it back to driving condition.

The Turbo received a wide spectrum of work at Porsche Classic in Atlanta in order to get the car into as-new condition. This included replacing the fuel pump, warm-up valve, fuel distributor, fuel gauge, ignition control unit, the ignition coil, fuel accumulator, along with other various fuel system-related items. A new clutch, pressure plate and throw-out bearing were installed. A full maintenance service was performed, which included new engine oil, brake fluid flush, intercooler gasket, belts, wiper blades, and other various items. New hood struts were installed. In all, this 911 Turbo received $27,116.73 of work from Porsche Classic, completed on November 21st, 2016. Terry kept the 930 until approximately early 2018 when it was sold to its most recent owner and kept in California.

In mid 2019 the Guards Red Porsche arrived at Canepa and closely inspected. During the mechanical inspection, Canepa noted several items that needed to be addressed and were swiftly dealt with. Canepa dropped the engine, removed the cylinder heads and cylinders in order to remove some of the head bolts and replaced them with new hardware. The cylinder heads were cleaned, valves lapped and then reinstalled onto the engine. Taking the opportunity to clean every inch of the car that normally isn’t accessible with the engine installed, the car received a full concours-level detailing that cleaned every inch of the car, including the engine. The rear shocks were replaced on the car along with its speakers. Once the engine was reassembled, the power unit was mated with the rest of the car and finished off. Once road testing was completed to ensure the engine was working properly after all of Canepa’s work, the all-original Guards Red paint finish was expertly polished using only foam pads and light compound, enhancing the showroom shine.

A time-capsule Porsche 911 Turbo does not come along often, being able to enjoy a car which is incredibly close to what it would have been right off the showroom floor. This example, with its exceptionally comprehensive mechanical servicing and complete concours-level detailing, is a true embodiment of what a time-capsule example should be. Pristine, low mileage, mechanically sound, cosmetically fantastic and wonderfully original, this Porsche 911 Turbo is ready for any driver or collector to enjoy in any way they feel best. Whether it be a long weekend drive, a short drive to a concours show, or accenting similar preserved cars in a collection, this 930 will hold up to the test of time and any new caretaker’s expectations.

Year: 1988
Make: Porsche
Dealer: Canepa
Canepa, headquartered in Scotts Valley, CA, is a multi-faceted automotive organization that includes Canepa, Canepa Design, Canepa Motorsports and Concept Transporters. Canepa provides exceptional automobiles to collectors worldwide, as well as performing Pebble Beach level restorations on historically important vehicles. Canepa Design is renown for expertly combining sophisticated design and superb craftsmanship in creating personalized European and American sports and luxury cars, hot rods, SUVs, and motorcycles. Canepa Design also works closely with major corporations such as Kenworth, Peterbilt, GM, Ford, and Bridgestone on concept, prototype, and production vehicles. Canepa Motorsport is the racing arm of Canepa, and is a recognized leader in mechanical and cosmetic vintage racecar restoration, preparation, and track support. Attending 6 to 8 premiere vintage races each season, their focus is on 1970's to 1980's era race cars: Can-Am, Trans-Am, IMSA, FIA, Group C, Historic NASCAR, and Historic Formula One. Concept Transporters, located in Fresno, CA, is the industry leader in "state-of-the-art" enclosed vehicle transporters, mobile showrooms, hospitality suites, and mobile emergency command centers. The company designed the industry's first aerodynamically streamlined big trucks (Kenworth) in 1983 revolutionizing big truck design and boosting fuel mileage and driver efficiency. Concept creates many different types of transport vehicles depending on the customer's specific needs. Each project is designed from the ground up creating transporters that are perfectly suited for their intended use.
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