1983 Ferrari 208 GTB Turbo Red ’83

57,500 €

Lowered price from €69.950 -> €57.500

  • Good original condition
  • Belgian papers
  • Instruction books and bills
  • Rare and interesting (678 cars GTB + GTS)
  • Ready to use
  • First Ferrari to get a turbo

In 1980 Ferrari introduced a two-litre version of the 308, 208 GTB and 208 GTS. Though mainly for the domestic Italian market, where new cars with engines above 2-litres were subjected to a much higher value added tax, they were also listed in New Zealand. The 208 GTB/GTS replaced the 208 GT4 2+2. The engine was de-bored to 68.8 mm (giving it an undesquare design) for a total displacement of 1,991 cc (121 cu in), resulting in one of the smallest V8 ever produced. 160 208 GTS and 140 208 GTB cars were produced in 1980 and 1981.


  • Bodywork
  • Length: cm (in): 423 (166.5)
  • Width: cm (in): 172 (67.7)
  • Height: cm (in): 112 (44.1)
  • Wheelbase: cm (in): 234 (92.1)
  • Weight: kg (lb): 1285 (2836)
  • Mechanics.
  • Displacement: V8 1990 cc (121 cui), rear-mounted
  • Valve gear: 16
  • Fuel system: 4 Weber DCNF carburettors
  • Gearbox: 5-speed, manual
  • Driven wheels: rear-wheel drive
  • Maximum power: 153 hp at 6800 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 170 Nm at 4200 rpm
  • Maximum speed: 242 km/h (150 mph)
Year: 1983
Make: Ferrari
Model: 208 GTB
Price: 57,500 €
Dealer: Oldtimerfarm
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