A central motor prototype with the highly contradictory, very futuristic works of designer Marcello Gandini of the Carrozzeria Bertone, which was a great surprise at the salon in Turin in 1970.
A year later, Stratos took on the features more in line with the needs of the job on the road, as well as in series production, while maintaining lines and volumes particularly original for the era.
In the final version, the car was fitted with a Dino 246 gearbox and engine transversally mounted centrally in position to deliver 192 hp, which, combined with a single steel frame, made Stratos a very competitive sports car.
The slow production activity at the Bertone factory forced Stratos to compete as a prototype until the required number of required specimens was reached for the Group 4 approval.
In this respect, it was claimed that in 1974, 500 examples were built.
The truth of this claim has been questioned by many, since it seems that the units that were built were actually less than 500.

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