1975 Porsche 911 Carrera “R-Gruppe”

1975 Porsche 911 Carrera “R-Gruppe”
VIN: 9115400273

Two owners, same owner for 38 years
No-expense-spared 3-year build completed by Kelly Moss Road and Race in 2015
Rothsport Racing-prepared 993 Varioram engine with 315 horsepower
Magnesium-case 915 transmission rebuilt and upgraded by Brian Copans
Original Porsche color Cockney Brown
Custom leather interior by Autobahn Interiors
5-time concours-award winner

This 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera “R-Gruppe” in Cockney Brown is the result of a vision and some of the best Porsche builders and restorers. In 2015 Kelly Moss Road and Racing completed the excellent restoration and custom mechanical work, while Rothsport Racing worked over its upgraded 993 engine for a stout 315 horsepower. With all of its original sheet metal painted in its original color of Cockney Brown with a custom leather interior by Autobahn Interiors, this 38-year owned 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera is the perfect fly-under-the-radar Porsche outlaw.


This 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera began its life as a stock 911 Carrera in Cockney Brown. First owned by a flight attendant, she would keep the car stock and drive it for a couple of years before selling it to its most recent owner who would keep the car for 38 years. When he moved from Nashville, TN to Texas in 2012, he decided that he wanted to build a long-awaited dream: an IROC tribute 911. However, due to the values of the air-cooled 911s at the time and not wanting to devalue the car or engine, he decided instead to send the car to the very capable Kelly Moss Road and Race in 2012.


The Cockney Brown 911 was immediately disassembled down to every last piece of hardware to begin the restoration. The 2.7-liter engine was removed from the car and placed to the side, which is included with the car. Once the car was devoid of all its parts, all of its paint was removed down to bare metal, confirming that the car had zero rust and no damage whatsoever. This allowed Kelly Moss to keep all of the original sheet metal. The entire car was prepped for paint, prepared to be painted in its original color Cockney Brown. The front and rear bumpers are a custom composite, with the front having a custom center mount oil cooler. A custom composite “ducktail” engine cover was installed. All aluminum trim was re-anodized black, new sunroof trim cables and wind deflectors were added along with all of the sunroof felt. All new glass, new rubber trim, Porsche H1 headlights and trim rings were added, and new Porsche taillights were added with a new center reflector. The result is an exterior that is subtle to the untrained eye, but to the right enthusiast will see all the extra touches that make this 911 Carrera special.


Rothsport Racing was chosen for the engine build but instead of using the 2.7-liter engine, a 993 engine with Varioram was used for greater horsepower and torque. Built and massaged, the 993 engine now produces 315 horsepower, more than 80% more power than stock. Rothsport added their ECU and custom stainless-steel exhaust headers to the 993 engine and sent it back to Kelly Moss. A factory GT3 Cup titanium muffler was added. Kelly Moss installed a custom air intake, a new oil tank with a new oil level and temperature sensor, WEVO engine mounts, custom engine compartment, exhaust and oil line heat shielding, a custom wiring harness, and a Bosch motorsports fuel pump. Altogether, the raw performance of Rothsport’s engine paired with Kelly Moss’s supporting upgrades provide enough power to keep you pushed back in your seat constantly.


Brian Copans, a well-known Porsche transmission builder, was asked to provide his skillset to this build. He started by rebuilding a magnesium-case 915 transmission, but added in a few hidden tricks. Porsche GT gears were added for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear, a Quaife limited slip differential, and a host of WEVO parts: a bearing plate retainer, internal gate shift, shifter, shift coupler with a billet collar, and transmission mounts. Kelly Moss then added custom motorsport axles and CV joints, and an all new shift rod and shift tower bushings. The transmission was now a piece of hardware that could backup the custom powerplant for the 911.

Suspension and Brakes

Suspension and brakes were the next stop for the 911 with Kelly Moss focusing on keeping its handling abilities level with its performance. Some highlights are the Motion Control Suspension remote reservoirs with 18 click double adjustable struts and shocks, 19mm raised spindles with competition gussets, 22mm sway bars with billet upper shock tower support and upper mono ball shock mounts, and a TRG shock tower brace. All of the suspension parts were powder coated in black, and the rear trailing arms were removed and refurbished with all new poly bronze bearings. Elephant racing poly bronze suspension bearings and bushings were added all around, Elephant Racing advanced tech adjustable rear spring plates and their quick-change rear splined hub. Porsche Turbo tire rods were added, along with WEVO RARB console rear sway reinforcements, TRG bump steer kit, and hollow torsion bars (24mm front, 31mm rear). Porsche 993 Turbo big brakes were added, along with Pagid competition brake pads, all new stainless-steel lines, new 2-piece aluminum hat floating brake rotors and mounts, Porsche OEM brake rotors drilled, custom Kelly Moss carbon fiber front brake cooling ducts and rotor covers, and a 23mm master cylinder.


Porsche-specialists Autobahn Interiors of San Diego, CA were tasked with creating the custom leather interior. All of the interior components were shipped to their workspace where they began making templates of the originals. The original 1975 Porsche Recaro Sport seats were reupholstered with new leather, along with a new leather dashboard, leather door cards with lightweight RS door pulls and a new black leather headliner. A new Carrera lightweight carpet set was added, along with new red seat belts and new OEM seat belt receivers. When the interior components were assembled and finished, everything was shipped back to Kelly Moss to be installed onsite by Moss’s technicians. All of the interior gauges were refurbished by Hollywood Speedometers, and a new 10,000rpm STACK tachometer with memory and max functions was added. Rennline aluminum floorboards in wrinkle black were installed, a refurbished pedal cluster was added, and even each OEM lever and button controls were refinished. Now completed, the upscale yet subtle cockpit paired perfectly with the rest of the Carrera.

Additional Upgrades

The Carrera also received a few other notable upgrades, such as a custom fuse panel and wiring conversion to modern “spade” fuses, custom billet remote shock absorber reservoir mounts, and a 6×15 Porsche Fuchs alloy spare wheel with a NOS collapsible Vredestein tire with a 1973 Porsche 911 RS tire CO2 inflator. An OE tool pouch and tools in concours condition, along with a Rennline aluminum blower motor cover and a NOS Porsche 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 88-liter plastic fuel cell. Custom BBS Motorsport E28 3-piece wheels with magnesium centers with aluminum rim halves were used. Completely disassembled and the centers micro fluxed to check for cracks, they then were powder coated and reassembled with all new BBS hardware. Pirelli Trofeo R-compound tires are used with the BBS wheels. Last but not least, the 2.7-liter Carrera engine that was removed, along with the factory “whale tail” spoiler, were saved and are included with this Carrera.

5-Time Award Winner

When completed, the proud owner took the car to 5 different concours events to enter it into competition. At four regional events, the car took 1st place in the G-body class with a score never lower than 178/180 points. It’s most recent show at the 50th anniversary of Rennfest in Atlanta, GA, it also won its class in the modified section with a score of 179.8 out of 180 points.

Canepa Arrival

When the Carrera first arrived, the car was inspected from front to rear. The attention to detail that Kelly Moss performed was exactly what was to be expected from a top-tier shop as theirs. The mechanicals and upgrades are excellent, fit and finish throughout are top notch, and the 3.6-liter Rothsport Racing engine cranks out a sharp and aggressive exhaust note to let you know it means business. Only needing a hand cleaning inside and out, the Cockney Brown paint presents in as-new condition, as does the interior. Built by Kelly Moss Road and Racing, powered by Rothsport Racing and comforted by Autobahn Interiors, this long-awaited “R-Gruppe” outlaw is the perfect canyon carver or car to take to the track and be comfortable enough to drive home.

Year: 1975
Make: Porsche
Model: 911
Dealer: Canepa
Canepa, headquartered in Scotts Valley, CA, is a multi-faceted automotive organization that includes Canepa, Canepa Design, Canepa Motorsports and Concept Transporters. Canepa provides exceptional automobiles to collectors worldwide, as well as performing Pebble Beach level restorations on historically important vehicles. Canepa Design is renown for expertly combining sophisticated design and superb craftsmanship in creating personalized European and American sports and luxury cars, hot rods, SUVs, and motorcycles. Canepa Design also works closely with major corporations such as Kenworth, Peterbilt, GM, Ford, and Bridgestone on concept, prototype, and production vehicles. Canepa Motorsport is the racing arm of Canepa, and is a recognized leader in mechanical and cosmetic vintage racecar restoration, preparation, and track support. Attending 6 to 8 premiere vintage races each season, their focus is on 1970's to 1980's era race cars: Can-Am, Trans-Am, IMSA, FIA, Group C, Historic NASCAR, and Historic Formula One. Concept Transporters, located in Fresno, CA, is the industry leader in "state-of-the-art" enclosed vehicle transporters, mobile showrooms, hospitality suites, and mobile emergency command centers. The company designed the industry's first aerodynamically streamlined big trucks (Kenworth) in 1983 revolutionizing big truck design and boosting fuel mileage and driver efficiency. Concept creates many different types of transport vehicles depending on the customer's specific needs. Each project is designed from the ground up creating transporters that are perfectly suited for their intended use.
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