1972 BMW E9 3.0 CSi coupe

52,144 €

BIG SCREEN BMW 3.0 CSi – Our 3.0 CSi is recently back from the movie set of a Daniel Craig feature film – Knives Out – with a November release date. We’ve no idea if DC actually sat in the CSi and for all we know, the Beemer may have ended up on the cutting room floor. Whatever the outcome, it’s fun to think of the CSi as almost famous!

While a carbureted 3.0 CS was available in the States, a Bosch fuel injected 3.0 CSi was not offered for sale on these shores. (3.0 litre injected in-line 6 cylinder engine mated to a 4 speed manual transmission.) Our CSi was delivered new into Milan and came to the USA in the 1990s and would be sold in 1999 into a noted local collection. From then we have a voluminous history file recapping the full range of refurbishment both mechanically as well as a full repainting in 2000. The CSi has more recently had a freshening at Boston Sportscar and comes to us as part-trade into of all things, one of our beloved Defender 90. The CSi no concours jewel and quite possibly the epitome of “driver quality.” The body and paint are good, the interior completely original and showing nicely with extra wear on the driver’s seat bolster these nearly 50 years on and, the mechanicals fully dialed in making for a fantastic drive. Accompanying the CSi are original and complete tools and shop cloth in the decklid mounted tool kit, an original owner’s manual, original jack and the aforementioned history file.

Year: 1972
Make: BMW
Model: 3.0
Price: 52,144 €
Dealer: Copley Motorcars
Copley Motorcars
Vendor:Copley Motorcars
Copley Motorcars was established by Stu Carpenter in 1995. Working for other luxury and sportscar dealers in Boston since 1986, Stu has gained a longterm-experience in offering exceptional products at a fair price making the acquisition of a classic and luxury car as easy and as enjoyable as possible. The team at Copley Motorcars has a particular affinity for vintage Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and Land Rover Defender but also other blue chips such as 289 Cobra, BMW Z8 and Porsche 959. Since the market for these cars is a worldwide one, Copley Motorcars ships worldwide and can easily assist with the logistical arrangements.
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