1971 BMW E9 2800 CS

46,800 €

9399 units produced between 1969 and 1971,most of them not longer existing( only 166 units recorded in Germany).

BMW E9 Register estimates approximately 2000 units still existing of the complete CS series.

First model BMW fitting the mythic straight six engine M30 wich with was winning on the track and on the market.

Exhibited at the BMW Museum in Munich as the most beautiful car ever produced by the Company and more significant than the spirit of the brand

with which the manufacturer took the road that allowed BMW to become a reference sports brand.

The engine was overhauled in 2015 (liners, conrod&main bearings, cylinderhead and valve seats)

Complete reconditioning of Zenith carburetors in 2015, new alternator, high efficiency  lamps, Michelin 195/70 R14 tires.

Car circulated sparingly but regularly about once a month from 2015 always carrying out ministerial revisions.

Logbook “note of each single movement of the car”, “refueling” etc.

Most of the works done are recorded with invoices for over 8.000 euro spent in the last 4 years

Last inspection in May 2019 at km 49880.

Last service was made  in June 2019.

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