1970 Porsche 911 2.2 S Coupe

139,900 €

This very nice 2.2 S Coupe was delivered new to the Porsche dealer in December 1969 in the United States. Very rare, we have its original maintenance book showing a first delivery to the customer on May 28, 1970 by the Porsche Audi Shoreline dealer in Illinois.

The vehicle has been restored and is in mint condition inside / outside.

Matching colors car.

Year: 1970
Make: Porsche
Model: 911
Price: 139,900 €
Dealer: Jean Lain Heritage
Jean Lain Heritage
Vendor:Jean Lain Heritage
The team Jean Lain Vintage is a team of employees, all lovers of old vehicles, specialized in the restoration, maintenance and sales of old vehicles and collectibles. All have at heart to best meet your expectations, come to meet them. The passion and admiration of the automobile collection are the starting point for Jean Lain Vintage, and all our passionate team shares these values, and they will work to best meet your expectations to revive your beautiful old.
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