1970 Chevrolet Nova


This authentic Yenko Deuce’s story begins at Ammon R. Smith Chevrolet of York, Pennsylvania. According to area muscle car historians, Ammon R. Smith received shipment of three 1970 Yenko Deuces and, as of the late 2000s, one of the cars was still unaccounted for. After talking with local gearheads, a guy by the name of Skip Lecates made it his personal mission to track the mysterious third Deuce and, after following many leads, met a mechanic who recalled working on the Nova. According to the mechanic, the car was purchased by a couple who lived out in the sticks and, over decades of ownership, had never changed hands. With a combination of gut instinct and verbal directions, Skip located the family and asked the whereabouts of their storied Chevy. That family, York residents Brenda Baldwin and her dearly departed husband, had purchased the car new in June of 1971. The Nova stickered for over $5,000 and, because that price put it firmly in Cadillac territory, had racked up 500 miles languishing in Smith’s showroom. The couple offered the dealer $4,600 and eventually drove off in one of the coolest Chevrolets ever produced. For the next 17 years and 123K miles, the completely unmodified Deuce would serve as Brenda’s fun daily driver. And in 1988, the car was retired to a semi-trailer on the Baldwins’ property, not seeing the light of day May of 2012, when it emerged in solid, original condition. Fixing the Chevy’s light rust and perfecting its unique Yenko aesthetics was a pretty easy challenge for Overhaulin’ stars MASCAR Auto Body. The Costa Mesa crew executed a professional, nut-and-bolt restoration that primed a smooth canvas for correct Cranberry Red 2-stage. And today, this Nova rolls as a revered classic that recently earned 994 out of 1,000 points in MCACN Concours Gold judging. Call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com for your chance to own one of the coolest classics on the planet!

Price in USD: 189900

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Year: 1970
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Nova
Drivetrain: Automatic
Engine: 100 Cylinders
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