1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia

1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 1300 Junior, LHD

This delightful Alfa Romeo is one of just 492 Giulia GTA 1300 Juniors and was constructed in June of 1969 before being registered to its first customer in Spain a year later. Interestingly it is believed to have been the Madrid Motor Show car which may explain the delay between construction and first registration, after which it is thought to have been sold to Pietro Navone, a former president of the Spanish Alfa Romeo Club. It is then believed to have passed to the former Alfa Romeo works racing driver Toine Hezemans prior to being acquired by the former UK based collector about five years ago. Having received some restoration work in recent years, this rare GTA remains in delightful condition and is finished in its correct Alfa red with Black interior. It also retains an original set of very rare wide alloy competition wheels and would be eligible for a wide range of prestigious touring and racing events around the world.

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Alfa Romeo replaced their wonderful Giulietta Sprint coupe with the 2-door Giulia Sprint GT in 1963.  The new 105 Series Giulia saloon had been launched the previous year and whereas that had been designed in-house, the superbly simplistic design of the coupe was the skilled work of Bertone.  Initially available with a 1570cc version of Alfa Romeo’s highly regarded aluminium twin-cam four-cylinder engine, the model designation was Giulia Sprint GT, the letters GT separating the model from the earlier Giulietta bodied Giulia 1600 Sprint it had replaced.  The very advanced design made features available to the general public that were scarcely available even on more expensive cars, such as disc brakes all-round, a 5-speed gearbox, and a light-weight body and mechanical construction including an aluminium engine block. 

The racing potential did not go unnoticed by the factory and in 1965 the Giulia 1600 GTA was launched, with the A in the name standing for Alleggerita, which translates to Lightweight.  And lightweight it was, with many of the engine’s aluminium parts being replaced by magnesium alloy items, and many of the body panels being replaced by aluminium parts.  Importantly, the engine gained a twin-spark plug head and twin 45 Weber carburettors which produced 115bhp in standard specification (170bhp in race specification), which with only 745kgs to pull along granted the GTA with exceptional performance.  Only 493 were manufactured and on-track successes were both inevitable, as well as numerous.

The evolution of the Bertone styled coupe brought with it several other models during its production run, which ended in 1975.  These other versions were fitted with smaller 1300 engines as well as larger 1750 and 2000cc versions.   To take advantage of various other racing series, Alfa Romeo replaced the 1600 GTA with a Giulia GTA 1300 Junior in 1968, based loosely on the GT 1300 Junior model which was the entry level car for the Coupe range.  It shared many features with the earlier 1600 GTA such as an aluminium body (although subtly different to the 1600 in places) which resulted in the car weighing only 760kgs, and the twin-plug cylinder head and magnesium mechanical components which allowed the engine to produce 96bhp in standard specification (160bhp in race specification or 165bhp at 8,400rpm with SPICA mechanical fuel injection).  Only 492 examples were constructed, and again, it was hugely successful in competition and is much desired by collectors today, as is the earlier 1600 GTA.

Milage in Miles

Year: 1969
Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: Giulia
Dealer: Woodham Mortimer
Woodham Mortimer
Vendor:Woodham Mortimer
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