1961 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 Litre

This very significant historic vehicle is the Jaguar Factory Works Press & Development car.

Jaguar Cars Limited owned the car for 2 years initially utilising the car for press/media work.
Then for use in developing the E Type production upgrades. After this the car was stored for over 25 years before sold to the current owner in the early 2000s.

Jaguar Cars Limited is listed as the Original Distributor and Dealer as well as the First Owner as stated in the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Production Record Trace Certificate.

It is a full original matching number car that has been subject to a recently completed 6 years restoration to concours standard to its original specification.

E Type 6162 RW Factory Press/Development car is the lost vehicle of a batch of three cars.
That was specially built for the launch of the Jaguar E Type in 1961. The other two cars are Jaguar E Type Fixedhead registration number 9600 HP which is privately owned and Jaguar E Type Roadster registration number 77 RW which is owned by Jaguar Heritage. All earlier cars to this chassis number were used for trial assembly evaluation purposes at Browns Lane and later broken up.

This car is a very important part of Jaguar Heritage, this is the car that was used for high speed testing by Norman Dewis Jaguar’s chief competition test driver. Exactly this car was also used by the worlds motoring press for test driving during the launch of the E Type while being used at the factory for two years by Andrew Wyhte as a test development vehicle for various evaluation purposes of many technical enhancements. Many of which did not make it to production vehices, one such item is self levelling headlights via a prism mounted on the dash top which is still in place on this vehicle. 860010 was also used for suspension testing and interior modifications all modifications are still intact and present to the car today.

The car is finished in Opalescent Dark Green with Suede Green interior, has matching numbers, original registration number and Jaguar Heritage build sheet proving that this is the factory development car chassis number 10.

The three press cars were specially prepared by the factory competition department to be driven at 150 mph; production cars could not manage more than 130 mph.

This car can be seen in Chris Harveys “E-type End of an Era” page 31, also the press car was featured in a road and track test by German Auto, Motor &Sport in 1962. They stated that 6162 RW was fitted with a 1:3.07 rear axle and Dunlop RS5 tyres and they recorded a 256km/h measured over one kilometre and averaged from the best runs in both directions, indeed a sensational speed for its time! Last mentioned in Jaguar World Magazine, August 2004, pg 38.

860010 was subject to a no expenses shared ground up restoration at leading Jaguar restorer JD Classics in England over a period of four years. An extensive photographic record is existing documenting the process.

The car was only shown once at “Uniques Special Ones” in 2012 by its current owner, instantly winning its class in Florence. In 2013 it was again used for the “Grand Tour” which takes part before the Villa D’Este Concours. Since then the car has been always stored serviced amongst other thoroughbreds in a world class collection.

Year: 1961
Make: Jaguar
Model: E-Type SI
Dealer: Hamann Classic Cars
Hamann Classic Cars
Vendor:Hamann Classic Cars
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