1968 Jaguar E Type FHC S1,5 Restoration Work In Progress

The restoration of this rare E Type 4200 s1,5 began on february 2019.

Pictures are showing the original condition of the car still in the first paint “Regency Red”.

The chassis, engine, body and gearbox numbers are all matching, the car arrived nowadays without restoration modifications or conversions.

After the meticolous removing and catalogation of all the parts the car undergone to a highpressure waterjet cleaning of the the body.

To this followed a big bodywork for the repalcing of all the parts damaged by the time.

All the part available were replaced with original spares the other were rebuilt by skilled craftmans.

In the meantime all the other components of the car are undergoing to complete overhauling and restoration in the hands of expert mechanics, electricians, trimmers, etc.

In the following windows you will see step by step the project in progress divided by areas of works.

I am doing this project for my pleasure but naturally the car could be for sale.

You could buy it when finished or during the works, in this case you could make the choice of the exterior and interior colors that you like or maintaning the original combination .

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