1967 Mercedes-Benz 250 SL

95,000 €

The Mercedes Pagoda is a car that has it all: it combines characteristics of a sports car with the comfort, refinement and elegance of the luxury segment, underpinned with the legendary German reliability of Mercedes-Benz. Of the three variants, the 250SL is the rarest. This particular 250SL is the 408th example of a total of 5196 built, so it’s a very early one. An additional advantage is that it is an original manual car, which adds to the driving pleasure. In the past, its engine has been upgraded to a 2.8 litre engine, bringing it to the same 168hp power level as the 280SL.

This very healthy 250SL is in its original colour combination of papyrus white over blue leatherette, with a black hardtop. It is real “hop in and drive” car: the engine starts on the button, runs smoothly and revs easily. The original manual gearbox shifts perfectly, and the road behaviour invites for sporty driving while feeling safe and confident all along the way.

Price: 95.000 Euro

Year: 1967
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: 250 SL
Price: 95,000 €
Drivetrain: Manual
Dealer: Marreyt-Classics
A 17 years old boy repairs and sells 2 HP's in order to pay for his studies. For a while he looses track and ends up in a world of microbiology where he is surrounded by mircobes and viruses. But contaminated as he is, Bernard Marreyt returns to his first love. The boysdream grows into a real passionate profession. In the garage no longer 2 HP's but Alvis, Bugatti, Invicta and other beauties. You are looking for a topcar? Marreyt Classics has it or will go on carhunt for you. A professional guidance at your purchase, comfortable but necessary!
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