1967 Lancia Flaminia GT 2.8 3C

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We really like Lancia. This statement won’t come as a surprise to those who know us. Over the past years we have had some of the most magnificent examples of this refined marque in our show room, ranging from the innovative Lancia Lambda to the futuristic Stratos, over several Aprilias and Aurelias, including multiple examples of the iconic B24 Spider America. In our opinion, Lancia is without a shadow of a doubt the most accomplished Italian car brand from an engineering point of view.

Speaking of engineering, we also really like the Flaminia. Fans of the Stratos will contradict us, but we see the Flaminia as Lancia’s ultimate capolavoro. Its transaxle disposition of the engine in the front and gearbox and differential in the back ensures a perfect weight distribution, while the state-of-the-art full alloy V6 engine provides ample power. Add to this the independent front suspension, and you know you’re in for a smooth yet sporty ride!

Within the wide range of Flaminia variants, we really like the Flaminia GT, and not only because it offers the attractive combination of a short chassis with a Superleggera aluminium coachwork. Sure, the Zagato’s sporty lines are quite exciting, but should a classic car always be flashy and loud? Sometimes, restrained beauty can be much more pleasing than obvious good looks, but it requires an acquired taste. If you ask us, it’s hard to beat the combination of classic, sleek lines and bold modern accents that Touring has brought to the GT. Daring yet discreet, it is undoubtedly the connoisseur’s Flaminia.

If there’s one Flaminia GT that tops everything, it surely must be the 2.8 3C! With only 168 examples made, this is the most powerful evolution of the Lancia Flaminia GT. Its full alloy 2.8 litre V6 engine fed by 3 twin-choke Weber carburettors produces over 150 hp, which results in a top speed of 193 km/h. During our test drive, we have barely touched third gear, and we haven’t even thought about using fourth. Thanks to cutting edge engineering and a full revision less than five years ago this engine has all the power you need!
From a bodywork point of view, this Flaminia GT is also in an excellent condition. The very healthy bodywork is totally undamaged and free of corrosion. It has recently been brought to the bare metal and then resprayed in its attractive Grigio Newmarket livery no welding whatsoever! The cherry on the cake is the car’s original black leather interior: very nicely patinated, just the way we like it!

And here’s the best news: this rare, exclusive, elegant short-wheelbase Flaminia with full alloy bodywork and powerful 2.8 litre 3C engine can be yours for a very competitive 128.000 Euro. What are you waiting for?

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Year: 1967
Make: Lancia
Model: Flaminia GT 2.8 3C
Drivetrain: Manual
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