1965 Porsche 911 coupe 2.0

Today, early 911s continue to be competitive in vintage racing and rallying, while making for one of these most popular and usable vintage sports cars for the road. The earliest models possess a unique purity and elegance, and as the first of the breed, the 1965 models are by far the most sought-after.

The earliest editions of the 911 had an air-cooled, rear-mounted, 2.0L (1991 cc) 130 PS (96 kW) flat-6 “boxer” engine with two triple-throat Solex carburettors. It was mated to a five-speed manual “Type 901” transmission, had independant front and rear suspension and disc brakes allround. The wheelbase was just 87inch which is where these early 911 got their “SWB” (Short Wheelbase) designation.  The car had 2+2 seating, though the rear are very small. The styling was largely by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche, son of Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche. Erwin Komenda, the leader of the Porsche car body construction department, was also involved in the design.

Our car is chassis # : 300401 (January 1965) with non-matching but correct engine # :  901608 (May 65) type 901/01 delivering approx. 195bhp with only 10 hours running.

The car was bought by the current owner in 2008 who then instructed a full restoration and race preparation by early Porsche specialist Mathieu Watillon (Brussels). It participated in the Spa 6hr race in 2016 without any problems. Road registered in Belgium.

This is a very, very nice and well prepared, FIA compliant 911 SWB in pristine condition throughout. It is race-ready with 2016 FIA HTP papers and comes with following spares : set of wheels, spare 901-type gearbox (rally spec), gear-ratio’s.

These early Porsche 911 SWB’s are sought after cars on the historic race and/or rally scene. They are a lot of fun to drive and this lovely example is ready to give its new owner a lot of enjoyment.

Year: 1965
Make: Porsche
Model: 911
Dealer: RMD Bvba
RMD bvba
Vendor:RMD bvba
RMD has been active in the buying and selling of classic cars for the last 15 years whereby our focus and specialty has evolved towards classic race cars for today’s historic rallying and racing. We have been collecting, racing and rallying ourselves all over the world and we continue to do so with pleasure, professionalism and pride. After all, we firmly believe that these wonderful cars need to be driven for full enjoyment!
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