1965 Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato 1.2

30,000 €

The Fulvia has once been described as “a precision motorcar, an engineering tour de force”, and that is truly what it is. Its narrow angle V4 engine coupled to a front-wheel drive makes it a very performant car.

As with many Lancia models before, Lancia commissioned Zagato to build the “Sport” version, a fastback 2-seater based on the Coup platform. This aerodynamic and sportier Fulvia, penned by Ercole Spada, could be used in road and track competitions.

The first series Fulvia Sport can be distinguished by it’s side-hinged bonnet, the eletrically operated rear hatch which could be lifted by a handful of centimetres, and the separate spare wheel compartment behind the rear number plate. The very first 202 examples featured an 80hp 1.216cc engine in an all-aluminium bodyshell. This is one of these 202 first Fulvia Sports by Zagato, it is complete, and all it’s waiting for is someone who will bring her to the condition that she deserves!

Price: 30.000 Euro

Year: 1965
Make: Lancia
Model: Fulvia Sport Zagato 1.2
Price: 30,000 €
Drivetrain: Manual
Dealer: Marreyt-Classics
A 17 years old boy repairs and sells 2 HP's in order to pay for his studies. For a while he looses track and ends up in a world of microbiology where he is surrounded by mircobes and viruses. But contaminated as he is, Bernard Marreyt returns to his first love. The boysdream grows into a real passionate profession. In the garage no longer 2 HP's but Alvis, Bugatti, Invicta and other beauties. You are looking for a topcar? Marreyt Classics has it or will go on carhunt for you. A professional guidance at your purchase, comfortable but necessary!
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