1965 Jaguar E-Type SI 4.2 Roadster LHD

168,000 €

Are you a classic car purist looking for authenticity in even the smallest detail, or are you a classic car driver who is looking for as many “smiles per mile” that a car can offer?
The purists already know that we have many attractive cars in stock for them, but probably not this one. If you are however a driver who languishes for the beginning of the rally season, who can be found on the roads every single weekend, who isn’t just in it for the nice scenery but also to win regularity tracks, then this is exactly what you’re looking for!

This 1965 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 litre Roadster has been cleverly upgraded to become a true “driver” in the most positive sense of the word:
– engine upgraded with Weber carburettors for extra power output;
– cooling improved with an alloy radiator and expansion tank;
– braking enhanced with 4-pot calipers and a hydraulic hand brake;
– more recent 5-speed gearbox installed for even “longer legs”;
– solid mount rack and pinion steering for a more direct contact with the road;
– Koni shock absorbers at the front, Spax at the rear;
– wider wheels and tires for added traction and stability.
All of this results in a car with both torque and horsepower to spare, a very responsive engine, direct steering and very efficient braking basically all the ingredients for sporty and competitive driving.

And while the term “driver” often means “not so nice to look at”, this E-Type’s appearance is equally impressive! We know a good paint job when we see one, and this Roadster’s red livery is absolutely flawless. A more in-depth inspection of the car also shows that it is absolutely 100% healthy.

While we’re writing this, we feel the autumn sun on our back if you hurry, you can still drive this car in the last sunbeams of the year!

Price: 168.000 Euro

Year: 1965
Make: Jaguar
Model: E-Type SI
Price: 168,000 €
Dealer: Marreyt-Classics
A 17 years old boy repairs and sells 2 HP's in order to pay for his studies. For a while he looses track and ends up in a world of microbiology where he is surrounded by mircobes and viruses. But contaminated as he is, Bernard Marreyt returns to his first love. The boysdream grows into a real passionate profession. In the garage no longer 2 HP's but Alvis, Bugatti, Invicta and other beauties. You are looking for a topcar? Marreyt Classics has it or will go on carhunt for you. A professional guidance at your purchase, comfortable but necessary!
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