1964 Porsche 356 SC Coupé

162,262 €

This particular Porsche was ordered new by a prominent Mexico City, car collector and connoisseur of many fine machines in the Spring of 1964.  The order was placed through Volkswagen Interamericana, Mexico City via their Hamburg, Germany office.  A special order was the forwarded to Porsche Client Services specifying the following vehicle:  “One German Market Specification 355SC Sunroof Coupé finished in silver metallic with a red cloth and vinyl interior.  The car was additionally ordered with a Becker Grand Prix Becker Radio, Power Antenna and Dual Loud Speakers.  The order further specified five Chrome-Plated and Polished wheels with Dunlop tires and an 1 kilogram of extra Silver-Metallic Touch Up paint.  Assembly began in mid-March of 1964 and the car was officially given a completion date of March 24th, 1964.  Upon completion of the work, Volkswagen Interamericana’s Hamburg office took delivery of the car and arranged for ocean shipping from Hamburg to the Port of Vera Cruz, Mexico.  The car was loaded on the 6,710 dead-weight ton, Diesel Ship, MV Schauenburg of the Ocean Stinnes Line and then shipped on April 3rd, 1964.  The vessel arrived several weeks later and was off-loaded at the Port of Veracruz and the car then shipped overland to VW Interamericana, Mexico City.

Official delivery to the new owner and the “in-warranty date was recorded as May 13th, 1964.  Total shipping charges were $2,688.73.  The car was then road-registered initially on Mexico City plates “756 217” and then later on Mecico City plates “259 AUM.”  This Porsche would remain registered on these plates with the same family until March of 2003 when the car was formally imported by the family to San Diego, California where it was re-registered on California plates “5LKB963.”  Even today, the original front windshield still has the original registration sticker with the plate number “756 217” clearly visible in the lower right corner.

This is a very rare original “German Domestic Market” late production, 356SC and for 55 years this Porsche has remained with the same family.  The name on the original Porsche assembly records (KARDEX) is the same name on the car’s current California title and registration.  The car has never been in an accident and it is completely and totally rust free with all original numbers panels as well as floor pans, battery box, rockers etc…  The car has received a single repaint in the original color and the seats were recovered correctly in original type material by Thomas’s Auto Upholstery in San Diego, California.  No other modifications or changes have taken place since delivery and the car other than the fitting of seatbelts.  It is of course not only completely matching numbers, but every component, part number, casting code and casting date is original to the completion of the vehicle in the Spring of 1964.

All of the original assembly records, shipping and delivery documents accompany this vehicle as does the original tool kit, jack and delivery manuals, booklets and documents.  It is unlikely you will find a better optioned, better looking, more perfect example anywhere in the word.

Year: 1964
Make: Porsche
Model: 356SC
Price: 162,262 €
Dealer: Symbolic International
Symbolic International
Vendor:Symbolic International
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