1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider by Touring

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“This car is so smooth, silent and comfortable that you don’t even notice that you’ve crossed the 200 km/h mark! But that’s not the only quality of this car; the 2600 Spider doesn’t have any negative points whatsoever”.
Such were the comments published in Franco-Belgian magazine of my youth “Spirou”.
The magazines road test section probably aimed at their young readers’ parents surely must have planted a seed in the head of many future classic car lovers. It certainly did in mine!
50 years later after test driving the “Azzurro Le Mans” example you see on our website during which all speed limits have been respected, of course I can confirm that I agree with most of Spirou‘s observations.

The 2.6 litre 6-cylinder DOHC engine with three large twin-choke Solex carburetors does indeed combine quiet running with sporty performance, and climbs effortlessly into higher revs. The smooth shifting 5-speed gearbox guarantees that even high speed cruising remains a relaxed sensation.
The car’s structure is very rigid, especially for an open car (the renowned Carrozzeria Touring of Milan certainly knew what she was doing), which results in a very soft and stable ride.
Steering is very precise at high speeds, with, due to the big twin OHC six, just a touch of understeer at lower speeds.
Braking is very efficient thanks to the 4 disc brakes and if we can trust the “Spirou”-reporter, going from 180 km/h to a complete standstill takes only 167 meters!
In brief this Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider is particularly suitable for long distance travelling when both comfort and performance are required.

One of 2.255 Spiders produced, this particular 2600 with chassis number AR192751 was delivered new in Newark USA in March 1964, according to the Alfa Romeo Storico certificate, with an “Azzurro Le Mans” exterior paint and a wine red interior. Today, it still has its original engine, which has benefited from a complete overhaul five years ago (documented).
During the seven years of its last ownership, many other works have been carried out with invoices totalling over 27.000 Euro, including a respray in the very attractive Azzurro Le Mans blue livery.
Used regularly by its last owner, both for short rallies as for long trips to the south of France, this car has amply proven its reliability.

When we admire the refined and elegant lines of this Spider, we can’t help but see the striking resemblance with contemporary convertibles designed by Touring, such as the Aston Martin DB4 and the Lancia Flaminia and who wouldn’t want to be in such good company?

Ready to hit the summer roads, this Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider is interestingly priced at 98.000 Euro.

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Year: 1963
Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: 2600 Spider by Touring
Drivetrain: Manual
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