1962 Porsche 356

221,481 €

1962 Porsche 356 T6B S90 / GT Chassis # 119518 Engine 804 932 A fully restored and well-prepared Porsche 356 T6B 1600 Super 90, originally supplied in March 1962 via Sonauto in Paris, complete with rare factory GT specification – lightweight aluminium doors and Plexiglass windows. The car was ordered new by Monsieur Bernard Irisson of Albi, France and according to the factory Kardex, it was intended to be used for rally purposes. Later acquired in 1974 by Monsieur J.C. Gayraud, also of Albi, and who kept the car for over thirty years until 2006, when it was bought by a Paris-based collector who was attracted by its original specification. The car was restored between 2001-2003 by respected Swiss-based Porsche 356 specialists, TANNER. In 2010, it was purchased in France and then fully prepared for historic racing by Maxted-Page and Prill and further period-correct Carrera 2 GT upgrades were added. Features on the car include: · Original aluminium doors and Plexiglass windows · Aluminium engine lid and frame · Aluminium bonnet with center filler · 80-litre GT fuel tank · Porsche annular disc-brakes · GT dampers · Steel rear roll-hoop · Carrera 2 GT gearbox ratios: BBAA – geared for 125mph · Limited slip differential The car is also fitted with Carrera oil lines and front oil-cooler and comes complete with F.I.A. Historic Technical Passport – Category GTS11 – approved for fitment of a 2.0 litre four-cam engine. Complete with its original, matching-number 1600cc Super 90 engine no. #804932, also in excellent serviceable condition, this engine was set to one side and the car fitted with a competition spec. Porsche 2.0 litre (push-rod) race engine. the price quotes includes both engines. In 2013, the car raced in three-rounds of the prestigious Pre 63GT historic race series at Donnington, The R.A.C. Tourist Trophy at Silverstone and at Spa. More recently it competed at 2018 Silverstone Classic Pre 63GT race, where it finished First in Class and won the overall Handicap race. The ultimate in Porsche 356 performance with 165bhp, lightweight panels, annular disc-brakes, GT dampers, shortened gear ratios and LSD – this car performs, sounds and handles superbly on both road and the track.

Year: 1962
Make: Porsche
Model: 356
Price: 221,481 €
Dealer: Speedmaster Limited
Speedmaster Limited
Vendor:Speedmaster Limited
James Hanson has raced touring cars for both BMW and Volvo, in the European Touring Car Championship and now races Historic F1 Cars. He has wealth of knowledge on both current and historic racing and road cars. In fact James can trace his racing pedigree all the way back to the 1930’s when his grandfather Jack Hanson first raced in hillclimb events. Add to this the experience of setting up and running a UK distributorship of high performance vehicles that competed with the likes of Alpina and AMG, his qualifications are exemplary.Speedmaster cars operates internationally and can supply cars throughout the world. They can arrange everything from UK visits to International shipping. They have many satisfied customers throughout the world and have supplied cars to customers as far away as South Africa and the USA. In the USA they have a dedicated consultant - Brian Redman - as well as being a good friend of the Speedmaster team Brian is one of the all time greats in sports car racing, most famous for racing the works Porsche and Ferrari Sportscars, as well as his domination of F5000 during the 70's, Brian also raced for various Formula 1 teams during the late 60's and early 70's and is still an active figure in Historic racing to this day. Sourcing and selling the world’s finest Cars Speedmaster has a excellent reputation for expertise, quality, and service, which is only matched by the cars it sells.Specialising in rare exotic and high performance road cars as well as famous classic and competition cars, together with a racing pedigree going back over 75 years Speedmaster is the number one choice for the discerning car enthusiast. Go Racing Speedmaster can provide access to fine classic race cars such as BRM. A strategic partnership with Hall & Hall, one of the world’s leading historic race preparation and restoration companies, allows Speedmaster to offer the easiest entry into the highest echelons of historic motor racing in this most specialised of markets. They can also facilitate all aspects of the sport from initial purchase through to maintenance and even competing internationally in motor sport from the golden era. Buying & Selling It is their constant aim to offer their customers a wide selection of prestige and sports cars for sale from the world’s leading brands such as: Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Aston Martin. Furthermore, they can also sell your current car through their exclusive sales programme. Their experienced sales team can secure the best price for your car, and provide an efficient route to marketing it to the right buyer; a service unique to Speedmaster.By taking advantage of their finance and warranty facilities , Speedmaster can provide added security to the purchasing of your next prestige car, ensuring total confidence, an important consideration when choosing your new investment. Prints & Memorabilia For racing fans, Speedmaster also have a collection of rare racing prints and photographs for sale, which evoke memories of classic racing and also include dramatic images of the very cars that are on display. For those who appreciate beautiful timepieces, Speedmaster offer a selection of rare vintage watches. Speedmaster has established an exclusive and unique product, aimed at providing a bespoke service to its customers. Their obsession with quality and attention to detail are essential parts of their ethos. Their continued success relies on their commitment to their customers, pride in the quality of their service and a fundamental focus of their aim to be the UK’s leading prestigious and sports car dealer.
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