1955 Messerschmitt KR175

55,000 €

Welcome to the weird world of German bubble cars. The KR175 was the first model introduced by Messerschmitt in 1953 for the mostly broke German motoring public. Messerschmitt was facing a ban on airplane production after World War II, and the KR175 (KR stands for “Kabinenroller”) was their first attempt to produce a (micro) car. It has a 175 cc two-stroke engine producing 9 bhp, and top speed should be 90 kph if you are brave enough. The KR175 was produced from 1953 until 1955, and was then replaced by the more common KR200. These early KR175 are very rare and sought after, as from the +/- 15000 examples ever produced only 50 are still known to survive.

This example was delivered new in Spain, and was completely restored in 2015. Engine and gearbox were rebuild, and a new canopy was fitted. Everything works as it should, and this KR is 100% ready to use. The tandem seating is really special, and driving this microcar is quite an experience. Wherever the car stops people come and have a closer look at it, and on the road you get many thumbs up. It looks like a rolling piece of modern art, and it wouldn’t be out of place sitting in a trendy design living room just as decoration.

Microcars are hot and very collectible today, because they are a remain of the swinging fifties and the first step into mobility for many people. They often have weird styling, which make them even more desireable. This very rare KR175, with fantastically styled front wings and jet fighter inspired cockpit, looks like it came straight from a fairground attraction. It’s always a lot of fun, even if you don’t drive it and just look at it. A rare opportunity to obtain an early KR175, and a magnificent little machine to put in any world class collection.

Year: 1955
Make: Messerschmitt
Model: KR
Price: 55,000 €
Dealer: Albion Motorcars
Albion Motorcars
Vendor:Albion Motorcars
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