1949 Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe

Comments and history courtesy of Ferrari historian – Marcel Massini:

Ferrari 166 Inter Stabilimenti Farina chassis #021 S is one of the oldest Ferraris in existence. It actually is the 11th road car built by Ferrari (they used just odd chassis numbers, starting with 001, then 003, then 005, etc.). You must know that in 1947 the factory produced just 3 cars, in 1948 they built 5 units and in 1949 they built 21 cars. Not more than that! That adds up to a total of just 29 Ferraris manufactured in the first three years. Consequently 021 S is a super rare automobile and with the even more exclusive bodywork by Stabilimenti Farina can be considered a true gem!
Ferrari 166 Inter Coupé Stabilimenti Farina 1949, Chassis# 021 S
Original exterior color: n/a
Original interior color: n/a
Chassis type 166
Engine type 166

The 4th of only 10 Ferraris bodied by Stabilimenti Farina

July 1949 Delivered by the factory to first owner A.I.C.A.R. S.r.l. (Agenzia Internazionale Commercio e Ricambi) domiciled in Milan, Italy (International Agency for Automobile and Spare Parts Trading), a company which was later renamed into WI.PU.CO. S.r.l.

July 27, 1949 Sold new to the first owner B. Bojiolo, resident in Milan, Italy

1949 Sold to Egildo Banfi, resident in Milan, Italy

1962 Exported from Italy and sold to Jim Rich, resident in Houston,TX/USA

1964 Owned by somebody in Oklahoma, USA

1965 Sold to P. G. Palumbo, resident in Ascot, England

Registered on English license plates “RRX 700 F”

1991 Still owned by Palumbo – Now registered on English license plates “TYP 166”

May 6, 1991 For sale at the Sotheby’s auction in Monaco, Lot #316, estimated price French Francs FF 1’100’000 to French Francs FF 1’500’000, highest bid was US$ 120’000, not sold

February 22, 1996 For sale at the Brooks auction at Olympia, London, England, sold for GB Pounds 64’200

March 1996 Sold to John Collins’ Talacrest Ltd., Egham, England

April 1997 Color featured in the English magazine “Classic & Sportscar”

February 1998 For sale by Talacrest Ltd., England, asking price US$ 199’000

March 1998 Sold by Talacrest to Massimo Rossi

Registered on Swiss license plates “VD 40862”

May 25-28, 2000 Driven in the Mille Miglia by Rossi and co-driver Costa on race #158

May 6-9, 2004 Driven in the Mille Miglia by Sunden-Sunden on race #365

January 2015 Bought by John Collins Talacrest Ltd

Year: 1949
Make: Ferrari
Model: 166
Dealer: Talacrest
Talacrest's Chairman John Collins has had a life-long passion for Ferrari and used to run a Ferrari 246 Dino as his everyday road car as a photo journalist 38 years ago. Today his enthusiasm for Ferrari remains undiminished after selling approximately 1700 + classic Ferrari - and the thrill of conducting the next deal and helping collectors obtain their dream classic Ferrari is the driving force behind the company. The business was established in 1989 and has sold just about every classic Ferrari made - it would be easier to draw up a list of Ferrari NOT sold by Talacrest than those that we have sold. You should bear in mind that with the volume of Ferrari that we have sold - sometimes we have sold an individual car many times over. A classic example being a Ferrari 275 GTB/2 6 carburettor alloy car that we have sold no less than 6 times! Customers come back to Talacrest time and again - because buying or selling from the best is a straightforward process - and equally whatever cycle the market is in - the very best cars that we sell are always a good long term investment prospect, as well as an exciting ownership proposition.
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