1940 Ford Coupe

1940 Ford Standard
VIN: 18570811

Original Henry Ford steel Ford Standard coupe
Edelbrock 350 cubic inch V8 engine with an automatic transmission
Single 4-barrel carburetor
Custom brown leather interior with memory foam seats
Simple and traditional style hot rod
Long time recent ownership

Ford Motor Company, hitting its design stride, updated its line of cars in 1937 with a major change – the introduction of two V8 engines. Coming in both the 2.2-liter V8 and the most popular and recognized 3.6-liter flathead V8 engine, the 1937 Ford was a refresh of its predecessor. While these cars were redesigned in 1941 and introduced with an inline six, these Ford cars with their memorable and classic flathead V8s resonated with the public and made their mark on the hot rod community.

Some of the greatest discoveries are sometimes just complete luck, and with this Ford Standard luck was just its thing. Discovered in a paper advertisement, Ed Dwyer was traveling back from a vintage historic race with his daughter when she read about a Ford Standard for sale in their car. Driving through the Mojave Desert, the ad said that the car was stored along their route and the two decided to pull off and see the Ford. Greeted by a cheery chicken farmer, the Ford was stored inside of his garage and retained its original flathead V8 engine. The Ford had been repainted in its current color, Dwyer bought the car on the spot. What started as a random advertisement ended up with Dwyer arranging transportation of the car to his home where the customizing would begin.

With so many hot rods being overdesigned and overmodified, Dwyer wanted to make a hot rod that was subtle, traditional and incredibly easy to live with. Once the car arrived, he made plans of what would need changing. The original flathead V8 engine was immediately removed and replaced with a more potent 350 Edelbrock V8 engine fitted to an automatic transmission, complete with a single 4-barrel carburetor. Air conditioning was a required addition by Dwyer so he could drive in any kind of weather in comfort. With the emphasis on comfort, he removed the remarkable preserved factory interior and replaced it with his choice of custom leather. Dwyer even went the extra distance to make his seats with memory foam, yielding some of the most comfortable seats that a hot rod may have ever seen. A set of NOS Desoto bumpers were added. Adding a set of stealthy black steel wheels with traditional Ford V8 hubcaps and tires that fit perfectly underneath the factory fenders and giving it a low-slung stance, Dwyer had created his perfect hot rod. With all of the work put in, Dwyer intended to constantly use the Standard. While he has said he didn’t daily drive the car, he drove it to endless car shows and to and from work a few times each week.

When the hot rod arrived at Canepa, the car was inspected from front to rear and noted that it was in exceptional condition despite being driven for 10+ years. It was immediately put into Canepa’s system to receive the complete “Canepa Difference” process, consisting of a full mechanical inspection and complete detailing. Bruce Canepa took the car out and noted the comfortable ride and seats along with the mechanicals being in excellent shape. The car was then moved to the detail department where it received a full hand washing of its exterior and engine bay and completely cleaned inside out, along with the entire chassis and drivetrain. A complete polish to the exterior gave the green paint a luxurious shine and a new lease on life. All the pieces of brightwork were given a similar treatment to bring them back to mirror shines. When done and rolled into the Canepa showroom, the subdued dark green hot rod looks astounding. With just the right amount of power, good looks, and a comfortable ride for cruising, this hot rod is a perfect combination for someone looking to drive their hot rod often and not having to think twice about it.

Year: 1940
Make: Ford
Model: Coupe
Dealer: Canepa
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