1969 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS


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This Maserati is chassis number AM115/49*1142*, ordered on July 26 1969, by Count Franco Grandi, the son of Mussolini’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. It was delivered on August 11, 1969, to Modena, Italy, in Blue Medio 20.A.173 with a white leather interior PAC 1544.

This car is an early SS and ticks these boxes:

European specs, manual gearbox, Bonaldi brake booster, Campagnolo starburst wheels, bumpers without overriders, toggle switches, No US side reflectors, optional leather “Ferrero” steering wheel, seats with headrests and power steering.

In the 1970s, the engine with the number 107/3MB67167 was installed. The engine dates from 1971, while the car is from 1969. This 1970s engine swap is done through Maserati and is confirmed by them during the 2022 Certification of Authenticity.

Between 1989 and 2015, the car resided in the hands of an older collector in the UK, David Jones from Colchester. Mr Jones had imported the Ghibli from the US. He had started the restoration but never got around to finishing the car.

From 2015 to 2016, the Maserati was restored by Mr Tom Mertens ** from Belgium, who bought the car on 29/07/2015.

He advertised it as: “complete restoration almost completed, run out of time & enthusiasm. All mechanicals rebuilt, body zero rust, rewired, trimmed, and many NOS parts. Power steering.”

In 2016, he advertised an update:

“Restoration of SS * 1142 is now finished. Everything concours. For sale.”

In 2017 the car was for sale at the French workshop “L’Atelier des Coteaux” in France.

The current owner traded it with a Jaguar. So since 2017, the Ghibli has resided with a Belgian Maserati collector.

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Overview of the work done

During 2015-2016:

The bodywork, which showed no accident damage, was professionally restored with attention to floors/doors/sills and panel gaps.

The paint has a beautiful deep shine after more than 100 hours were spent rubbing it down to a mirror finish.

The underside of the car is as clean as can be.

All brightwork on the car, including door window frames, was re-chromed. The windscreen is new.

The interior is spectacular with new bordeaux/deep red quality Connolly leather. The carpets are new deep pile blue, which matches the outside/leather colors. The ceiling is brand new, as is the “mouse hair” on the dashboard.

The engine was dismantled and completely rebuilt with new liners etc. The crank was ground and balanced. The cylinder heads were also completely overhauled, with 16 new valves, new valve guides, valve seats and seals, and all 3 new chains with new tensioner and chain pads. In addition, every bearing in the engine was replaced, the oil pumps rebuilt, and the water pump replaced.

The carburetors were overhauled and tuned. Filters and spark plugs were replaced with new parts. Before installation, the engine was pre-oiled under pressure to avoid any wear during start-up.

The gearbox was rebuilt with new bearings. In addition, the clutch assembly with the pressure plate was renewed.

The rear axle and differential were rebuilt, and an LSD (limited slip) was fitted. In addition, the driveshaft received brand-new joints.

The exhaust is brand new stainless steel front to rear, including the headers. From the exhaust manifold to the back, all were painted black to conform with Maserati’s “Certification of Authenticity”.

Fuel tanks were internally treated, new fuel pumps fitted, and all fuel lines replaced with new ones.

The brakes are rebuilt with all parts nickel plated, new stainless steel pistons with new seals, all new brake lines on all the car, rebuilt brake booster.

The power steering pump was rebuilt; all new steering joints, ball joints and track rods were installed.

The wheels were restored and fitted with the correct Michelin XWX 215/70.

The suspension was rebuilt with new joints and rubbers, and all parts were repainted. Four new KONI classic shock absorbers were fitted. The rear leaf springs were rebuilt with new nylon between the leaves.

The radiator was re-cored. All rubber hoses on the car were renewed.

All electrical wiring is new. All lights, wipers, fans, instruments, and indicator lights work fine. The front and rear lights are brand-new Carello items. The starter motor and alternator were rebuilt.


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3621 Oud Rekem, Belgium

+32 (0) 485 442 410 Sandra Hermsen Kowalski



The following official historical documents accompany the car: Certificate of Origin, Technical and Aesthetic Characteristics Certificate, Historical Information Certificate, Technical Data Sheet, Internal Factory Order and Delivery Note.

Important to note is that the car returned to its birthplace in Modena in early 2022 and received Maserati’s Certification of Authenticity. Proof of that comes in the beautifully designed certification box.

This low-mileage Ghibli SS comes in a fabulous color. It has received a major mechanical overhaul, outstanding bodywork, and a spectacular interior. With its many desirable features and power steering option, this is the car to enjoy.

Further information and photos are available upon request. Also, the car is available for inspection.

** Coincidentally, Mr Mertens also restored the white Ghibli, which was sold on “Bring a Trailer” in August 2022 for 300.000 USD.

Certification of Authenticity by Maserati Classiche

This new Certification of Authenticity differs from the well-known Certification of Origin. For over a decade, Fabio Collina, manager of the Archivio Storico at Maserati, has delivered historical documents, including build sheets, order confirmations and shipping orders to car owners. However, he only does so if the car is confirmed as a matching-numbers example.

Since December 2021, this service has been expanded with the program for the Certification of Authenticity.

It is the next thing in Maserati’s efforts to protect and promote the preservation and originality of the company’s automotive heritage. It is available to Maseratis older than 20 years and the special series, including more recent vehicles like the MC12 and the Quattroporte limited editions. A committee of external experts guarantees the Certification process.

As a bonus, during the inspections, they perform an exhaust emissions analysis test, engine compression test and differential + gearbox + engine oil analysis.

The following items are inspected elements during the Maserati Authenticity Certification:

  • Chassis
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Suspension – Brakes – Wheels – Tires
  • Bodywork – Interior – Exterior
  • Interior and exterior color and material combinations
  • Electrical system – Accessories

There are +300 criteria on the inspection list, and each has a weight. Some of the items on the list carry a veto right, which means that if a particular part is incorrect or missing, the Certification stops immediately. For example, a car with a correct-looking steering wheel but without the original diameter pauses the Certification process until a proper wheel has been fitted.

When everything is checked and scored, the weighted score is calculated in an overall percentage. This percentage is not announced or published. If a car achieves more than 75%, it is awarded the Certification of Authenticity.

This Ghibli returned to its birthplace in Modena and was considered authentic in March 2022.

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