California Boogie

A Great 70s Van
‘California Boogie’ – A radical Custom van by Deez crew of Yokohama, Japan, is one of the coolest custom vans that you’ll ever [...]

Valentino Balboni

Driving The Countach
Featuring Valentino Balboni driving the 1986 Countach QV Downdraft GLA12997, made specially for the CEO of Lamborghini at the time, Patrick [...]

Back To The 80s

VW Passat B2
The Passat B2 (1980) offered more space and synchro 4-wheel-drive for the first time.  The ideal companion for the hip 1980s. Report by Volkswagen

Essential Car Movies

For Rainy Days
It’s summer, so we’re spending a lot more time behind the wheel of our own cars than we are watching car movies. But hey, if rain should fall and [...]

Great Documentary

Camel Trophy 1989
The tenth anniversary of an event that had by now more than earned its enviable international reputation had to be celebrated accordingly. So, in [...]

Back To The Future

Iso Grifo 90
In the late 80s, Piero Rivolta thought the time was right to introduce the brand back into the market with a new GT. Designed by Gandini and [...]

Beetle And Bulli

Visiting The VW Plant
On the occasion of the 7th Volkswagen Classic Car Show this year, many fans of the historic vehicles travel to Hessisch Oldendorf. On their way [...]

Amazing On Board

D-Type Jag In Le Mans 1956
A camera is strapped to the back of a D-Type and a microphone fitted to Mike Hawthorn so he can commentate his way around the circuit in 1956 – [...]

Beetlemania In Hessisch Oldendorf

Amazing VW Gathering
At the 7th International Vintage Volkswagen Show in Hessisch Oldendorf more than 40,000 visitors were amazed by the various old-timer from [...]

Great Documentary

Chrysler’s Proving Grounds
Chrysler’s Chelsea Proving Grounds is Located at 3700 South M52 in Chelsea Michigan, just 60 miles west of Detroit. The 3,800-acre Proving [...]

Classic In Every Detail

Volkswagen Passat B1
The Passat B1 was first introduced in 1973. The hatchback is known for its distinct wooden dashboard and its clear Italian design. Volkswagen’s [...]

Hard To Watch

12 Worst Car Commercials
We got a little distracted watching each other’s favorite car-related commercials last week. OK, so we got a lot distracted. But not enough to [...]
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