Great Documentary

Chrysler’s Proving Grounds
Chrysler’s Chelsea Proving Grounds is Located at 3700 South M52 in Chelsea Michigan, just 60 miles west of Detroit. The 3,800-acre Proving [...]

Classic In Every Detail

Volkswagen Passat B1
The Passat B1 was first introduced in 1973. The hatchback is known for its distinct wooden dashboard and its clear Italian design. Volkswagen’s [...]

Hard To Watch

12 Worst Car Commercials
We got a little distracted watching each other’s favorite car-related commercials last week. OK, so we got a lot distracted. But not enough to [...]

Clash Of The Titans

Lauda vs. Hunt
The first episode in the BBC TV series of Clash Of The Titans. It recounts the 1976 Formula 1 World Championship and the clash between James Hunt [...]

Time Travel

With The Volkswagen Polo
Inspires since 1975: The Volkswagen Polo. The 6th generation will be launched soon. We take a look at its history and look at what makes the Polo [...]

Volkswagen GTI Meets GTI

up! Meets His Ancestor
Compact dimensions, a low weight and a powerful motor with a maximum speed of 197 km/h: This is the new Volkswagen up! GTI. Now the newcomer [...]

Great Documentary

Mercedes-Benz’s 1954 F1 Season
Follow the Mercedes-Benz Racing Team through the 1954 Formula 1 season. Report by Racing Channel

Erik Comas

About His Heroes
Ex-Formula 1® driver Erik Comas is competing on the European Historic Rally Championship this year with an astonishing Lancia Stratos. He tells [...]

The Passat-Collector

Dirk Marks’ great passion is the Volkswagen Passat. For years now, he collected models of all generations, drove them all and repaired them. [...]

Volkswagen Time Travel

The Passat B2
The Volkswagen Passat B5 is completely new developed – technically, optically and qualitatively an outstanding car. The Passat B5 and the [...]

Time Travel With Volkswagen

The Passat B1
Whether family or business, you can always rely on a Volkswagen Passat. The Passat is a carrier of technology! Have a look at the Passat B1 in [...]

Once A Workhorse, Always A Workhorse

Range Rover Classic
The original Range Rover, when it first debuted in 1970, was touted as a simple, practical work truck for those who wanted a little style and [...]
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