Surprisingly Great Investments

5 Classics You'd Never Guess
The classic car market has been doing quite well since recovering in 2011 from its Great Recession-induced correction. So, it’s not surprising [...]

Back To The Factory Trend

250GT SWB Restoration In Maranello
There are plenty of workshops filled with skilled craftsman who’d be glad to restore a classic Ferrari. But many are opting to sending [...]

Hottest Auction Cars 2015

Graph Of The Week By Hagerty
Overall, 2015 was a big year for collector car auctions even as the market started to level out. And as the collector car market is always [...]

10 Most Popular Station Wagons

Graph Of The Week By Hagerty
Classic station wagons have a certain appeal to today’s enthusiasts that may not have been readily apparent when they were new. They’re often [...]

Market Review

Keith Riddington
The holiday season is well under way, and – traditionally – it is a quiet time of the year for the classic car world. Not this year, though: we [...]

The 10-Most Searched Muscle Cars

Graph Of The Week
  American muscle cars make up a huge portion (about 10 percent) of the collector car market, and people are buying and selling them [...]

Millennials On The Move

Generational Shift In Classic Cars
There is a generational shift occurring in the classic car restoration marketplace. Baby Boomers remain focused on keeping a car original and for [...]

Barn Find Road Trips

Tom Cotter is no stranger to barn finds. The author of “The Cobra in the Barn” and “Barn Find Road Trip: 3 Guys, 14 Days and [...]

Affordable Classics

By Hagerty
Some cars wear their price tags on their sleeves, while others can be surprisingly affordable in spite of being historic, iconic or otherwise [...]

Most Popular Classic Motorcycles

The world of classic motorcycles is almost as diverse as the world of classic cars, but a handful of makes and genres of bikes make up the [...]
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