Market Update

Biggest Movers In The Market
Lately, much fuss has been made about the collector car market’s current state, with opinions ranging from wildly optimistic to downright dire. [...]

Cars In The Millions

Market Development Since 2012
The classic car market has clearly grown over the past several years. The most visible part of that growth has been in collector car auctions, [...]

The Market’s Soft Landing

Mainly Because Of Patient Buyers
As the year began, the collector car world held its breath. The foot was off the accelerator for all but a few market segments and people were [...]

Favorite Sports Cars

Survey By Hagerty
This week, Hagerty asked their Facebook fans about their favorite sports cars, the streamlined two-seaters that make your heart race: Symbols of [...]

Classic Car Market Is Far From Dying

Auction Analysis
A month or so ago, the Wall Street Journal published what was basically an obituary for the classic car market, saying in a nutshell that [...]

Off-Roaders Off The Radar

11 Cars To Watch
11 Cars To Watch
Let me be the first to say that if you’re not into Jeeps, Land Rovers, Toyotas, Hummers, Unimogs—you get the picture—it’s indeed possible to [...]

Slowed Market

Graph Of The Week
As we noted last week, the most expensive cars are only a tiny fraction of the overall vehicle population but make up a significant chunk of [...]

Million-Dollar Cars In The Auctions

Quantity Vs. Value
More than 19,000 cars were sold at North American collector car auctions in 2015. The ones that got the most attention were cars like RM [...]

Japanese Classics

An Approach To A Foreign Market
In the world of classic cars, some cars develop a value far in excess of their simple components. For many years, early Ferraris were prized by [...]

Ferrari Daytona

Market Development
Arguably the last great Ferrari of the 1960s and the first great Ferrari of the 1970s, the 365 GTB/4 Daytona has the angular styling cues of [...]

Amelia Island 2016

Auction Results
Day three of the Amelia Island Classic Car Auctions included RM Sotheby’s turn during the final day of auctions. The company did [...]

Amelia’s Cars By Price

2016 Vs. 2015
Looking at the Bonhams, RM Sotheby’s and Gooding & Company dockets for the Amelia Island auctions, there are more cars priced at the top and [...]
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