Entry-Level Cars

Most Vibrant Part Of The Market
Staying true to its name, the Hagerty Affordable Classics Index saw minimal changes over the past four months. These cars remain reliably [...]

Biggest Classic Motorcycle Movers

Graph Of The Week
While motorcycle values have not increased uniformly, numerous bikes showed explosive growth this year. Moreover, it wasn’t limited to a single [...]

Hagerty’s Market Rating

Slight Decrease For June
The Hagerty Market Rating uses a weighted algorithm to calculate the strength of the North American collector car market. How it’s [...]

Ten Cars That Don’t Sell At Auction

At auctions, if bidding doesn’t meet the reserve price, the car doesn’t sell. Simple as that. The proportion of cars that meet reserve and sell [...]

Price Gap For Different Car Conditions Widening

Graph Of The Week
In terms of value, it’s obvious that the best cars (condition #1) are worth a lot more than seriously flawed cars (condition #4). But over the [...]

Cars That Sell The Quickest

Classics On The Market
Time on the market is a key metric for understanding demand, whether one is talking about real estate, retail inventory, or cars. This list, [...]

Corvettes At Auction

Fewer Cars, Higher Prices
Well over 1.5 million Corvettes have been produced since 1953, so America’s sports car is clearly a huge component of the collector car market [...]

Auction Cars

The 10 Fastest Growing Models
Three generations of Porsche 911 dominated the list of fastest-growing vehicles, by number offered, during the past year at collector car [...]

Market Update

Biggest Movers In The Market
Lately, much fuss has been made about the collector car market’s current state, with opinions ranging from wildly optimistic to downright dire. [...]

Cars In The Millions

Market Development Since 2012
The classic car market has clearly grown over the past several years. The most visible part of that growth has been in collector car auctions, [...]

The Market’s Soft Landing

Mainly Because Of Patient Buyers
As the year began, the collector car world held its breath. The foot was off the accelerator for all but a few market segments and people were [...]

Favorite Sports Cars

Survey By Hagerty
This week, Hagerty asked their Facebook fans about their favorite sports cars, the streamlined two-seaters that make your heart race: Symbols of [...]
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