Most Sought After Retromobile Porsches

Our Favorite Auction Shopping List
“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” is how the old saying goes. But… As car enthusiasts, we all have “the list,” a tally of dream cars [...]

Japanese Classics

Finally Taken Seriously
For too long, vehicles produced in Japan, The Land Of The Rising Sun, were typically viewed as cheap reliable transportation for the masses, but [...]

Strong Vintage Bike Market

Bonhams & Mecum Auction Sales
It is interesting that in January, which is usually the dead of winter, when few motorcycle riders are even considering riding their bikes, the [...]


New Record Year
“The figures reflect the pulling power of our brand as well as the appeal of our products which we have launched on the market in the past [...]

Surprisingly Great Investments

5 Classics You'd Never Guess
The classic car market has been doing quite well since recovering in 2011 from its Great Recession-induced correction. So, it’s not surprising [...]

Back To The Factory Trend

250GT SWB Restoration In Maranello
There are plenty of workshops filled with skilled craftsman who’d be glad to restore a classic Ferrari. But many are opting to sending [...]

Hottest Auction Cars 2015

Graph Of The Week By Hagerty
Overall, 2015 was a big year for collector car auctions even as the market started to level out. And as the collector car market is always [...]

10 Most Popular Station Wagons

Graph Of The Week By Hagerty
Classic station wagons have a certain appeal to today’s enthusiasts that may not have been readily apparent when they were new. They’re often [...]

Market Review

Keith Riddington
The holiday season is well under way, and – traditionally – it is a quiet time of the year for the classic car world. Not this year, though: we [...]

The 10-Most Searched Muscle Cars

Graph Of The Week
  American muscle cars make up a huge portion (about 10 percent) of the collector car market, and people are buying and selling them [...]

Millennials On The Move

Generational Shift In Classic Cars
There is a generational shift occurring in the classic car restoration marketplace. Baby Boomers remain focused on keeping a car original and for [...]

Barn Find Road Trips

Tom Cotter is no stranger to barn finds. The author of “The Cobra in the Barn” and “Barn Find Road Trip: 3 Guys, 14 Days and [...]
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