10 Future Classics

To Buy Right Now
There is one point in life, at which you realize that eternal youth is a true myth. The cars of your youth, in which your parents chauffeured you [...]

Hagerty Vehicle Rating

280SL And 560SL At The Bottom
Hagerty’s valuation team has updated the Hagerty Vehicle Ratings (HVR), and there have been several notable shifts toward the bottom. Spoiler [...]

Buy, Sell Or Hold?

Open-Top Recommendations
Summer is [nearly] here! Flip the top down and go drive. The following three cars all offer open-air motoring, but don’t otherwise have much in [...]

Top 10 Collectibles

Under $10K
Chevrolet took the top two spots in the Hagerty Vehicle Ratings (HVR). But it was a mixed victory for Chevy fans. While the 1973-87 Chevy C/K [...]

Hagerty Vehicle Rating

Top 25
It took a Bronco to kick the 1976-86 Jeep CJ-7 from atop the Hagerty Vehicle Rating. After holding the No. 1 spot for three consecutive months, [...]

Five 1980s Pop Culture Icons

Investment Check
We’ve all seen the shady click-bait articles touting some obscure penny stock as the next Apple. Sure things rarely turn out to be sure things. [...]

Porsche 924

The Porsche To Buy?
The 924 was Porsche’s most controversial car. By the company’s own admission, it polarized people from the start. The Audi-sourced engine, [...]

Affordable Classics

Leading The Market
The Arizona, Retromobile, and Amelia Island auctions all aligned with signals from the private market, the emergent theme being “affordability.” [...]

Strong Low-End Vehicles

Increasing Sales In 2017
Three of the year’s four biggest auction events (Arizona Auction Week, Retromobile, and Amelia Island) have passed and 2017’s results continue [...]

Most Popular Motorcycles

Among Millennials
There are many reasons why classic motorcycles are increasingly popular among younger folks, aka Millennials. Aside from the sheer excitement of [...]

Hottest Classics

Under $10,000
The hottest cars under 10 grand right now, mostly aren’t cars. They’re trucks. Eight of the top 10 under 10 are trucks, in fact. This underscores [...]

Buick Rivieras

Why Aren’t They Worth More
The origin of the 1963 Buick Riviera is attributed to Ferrari 250 PF coupes that General Motors Vice President of Design Bill Mitchell admired in [...]
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