De Tomaso Pantera

Should They Be Worth More?
The De Tomaso Pantera was built to a budget with available Ford parts – and not well. After three years Ford gave up, and problems took years to [...]

Ten Biggest Winning Cars

Compared To The 2016 Market
Ever-rising value growth and increasingly large auction results defined the classic car market between 2012 and 2015. But those increases simply [...]

Identifying Future Classics

5 Tips That Help
Many of the classic and collectible cars we all lust over today and routinely see go for exorbitant amounts of money at auction weren’t always [...]

November Bottom 25 Cars

Hagerty Vehicle Rating
When was the last time the term “bottom of the barrel” was associated with the 2005–06 Ford GT? The 1959–67 Austin-Healey 3000? The 1964–68 [...]

Graph Of The Week

10 Fast & Affordable Classic Wagons
Each year, Thanksgiving means that millions of Americans stuff their cars full of kids, luggage and casserole before setting off to visit [...]


A Good Investment?
Traditionally, once a car is purchased and hits the asphalt, it begins its journey of devaluation. Most people would concur that buying a [...]

What Happened To Pickup Cars?

Find a Chevy El Camino or Ford Ranchero at a car show, and inevitably, you’ll hear someone ask why carmakers don’t offer such car/pickup combos [...]

Increasing Number Of Women

In The Classic Car Market
The insurance industry is trying to remodel its image and become more diverse, especially as there are financial benefits to doing so. However, [...]

Classic Car Auction Yearbook by Credit Suisse

Stable & Substantial Market
Compiled by classic car authorities Adolfo Orsi Jr. and Raffaele Gazzi, the Classic Car Auction Yearbook is an international reference book and [...]

Auction Sell-Through

In Different Price Segments
As the collector car market continues shedding speed, it’s easy to assume that all of its segments are behaving similarly. Examining auction [...]

Wine And Classic Cars

Still The Best Investment
  In the index of Knight Frank Luxury made available on Thursday, it was revealed that wine and classic cars have made an entrance to the [...]

Most Quoted Modern Cars

Among High-End Collectors
People who own cool old cars tend to own cool new cars, too. A look at the most common newer cars being quoted by top-level collectors—those [...]
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