Bedroom Wall Poster Car Factor

Gen-Xers Change The Market
This past weekend, more than $100 million—a record-breaking amount—sold at the annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida. While [...]

Amelia Island

Auctions Total $121 Million
Thunder banged and rain poured Sunday on Amelia Island, Florida. Good thing Bill Warner decided mid-week to move the concours d’elegance up to [...]

Important Trend Setter

At Amelia Island
Over the last five years or so, the Amelia Island auctions have become more important to the catalog auction houses (Gooding and Company, RM [...]

Value Tracking

Of Hagerty's Ten Most Insured Classics
Hagerty’s 10 most popular vehicles, in terms of how many we insure, have a lot in common. All but two are Chevrolets and all but one is domestic. [...]

Auction Recap

Two Trends In The Market
Expensive inventory was sluggish during January’s Scottsdale Auction Week, the first global collector car market event of 2017. But mainstream [...]

Moving With The Times

How Collectors Change
Despite talk of bubbles, and of Ferrari fatigue, the classic car market is in extremely good health as 2016 becomes 2017, however, the very [...]

Hagerty Hot List

Future Collectibles
The age of driverless vehicles isn’t here yet, so which new 2017 vehicles are expected to one day join the ranks of fully drivable classic [...]

Classic Car Auction Yearbook

Insight Full Market View
Dr. Orsi and Mr. Gazzi have an enviable skill for considering vast amounts of data on the $1.2 billion-plus annual collector car market, [...]

Arizona Analysis

Emerging Marketplace Trends
The final results from the Scottsdale auctions held during Arizona Car Week are in, and it looks like the total sales numbers are $262.8 million [...]

State Of The Market

January 2017
The more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s certainly how the collector car market seems in 2017. The market shed speed in 2016, [...]

Old Brands Revived

Bristol Cars
Besides more and more continuation cars, the revival of old car brands like Lister, Borward, Maybach, Camaro seems to be another very common [...]

Breakout Sales

About Its Relevance
Breakout sales are auction results that act as a re-set button for a particular market. They announce that a certain car has officially hit the [...]
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