Monterey Auctions Recap

6 Auctions, $327 Million
The 2017 Monterey classic car auctions have come to a close and we are pleased to share the preliminary final results. These results consist of [...]

Hagerty Vehicle Rating

Bottom 25 Cars
If you were looking to flip a BMW E30 M3, you may have just missed the boat. According to the latest Hagerty Vehicle Rating (HVR), the E30 M3 has [...]

Rugged Trucks Top Ranking

At Hagerty Vehicle Rating
The Dodge Power Wagon is certainly living up to its name. The rugged 1945–68 truck powered its way to the top of the newest Hagerty Vehicle [...]

Italian Design-House Automobiles

Affordable Classics
Pininfarina. Ghia. Bertone. Touring. Zagato. They were the couture of the automotive world. When carmakers wanted something special in their [...]

10 Grand To Spend

Which Classified To Buy
We’ve all played the “imagine if” game. Some of us still play it, in fact. Every day. We asked members of Hagerty’s Media Team the ultimate [...]

Most Expensive Race Cars

Ever Sold At Auction
There really is no “cheap” way to race cars. Considering all of the tools, parts, safety equipment, fuel, travel costs, and entry fees involved, [...]

Most Expensive US Auction Cars

Top Five
With celebrations for the 4th of July just behind us, America can look back to nearly 25 decades since it became the United States, including [...]

Second Monthly Increase

Hagerty Market Rating
The Hagerty Market Rating experienced its second month-over-month increase of the year for June, growing a fifth of a point to 66.64. Afer a [...]

10 Future Classics

To Buy Right Now
There is one point in life, at which you realize that eternal youth is a true myth. The cars of your youth, in which your parents chauffeured you [...]

Hagerty Vehicle Rating

280SL And 560SL At The Bottom
Hagerty’s valuation team has updated the Hagerty Vehicle Ratings (HVR), and there have been several notable shifts toward the bottom. Spoiler [...]

Buy, Sell Or Hold?

Open-Top Recommendations
Summer is [nearly] here! Flip the top down and go drive. The following three cars all offer open-air motoring, but don’t otherwise have much in [...]

Top 10 Collectibles

Under $10K
Chevrolet took the top two spots in the Hagerty Vehicle Ratings (HVR). But it was a mixed victory for Chevy fans. While the 1973-87 Chevy C/K [...]
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