Porsche 924

The Porsche To Buy?
The 924 was Porsche’s most controversial car. By the company’s own admission, it polarized people from the start. The Audi-sourced engine, [...]

Affordable Classics

Leading The Market
The Arizona, Retromobile, and Amelia Island auctions all aligned with signals from the private market, the emergent theme being “affordability.” [...]

Strong Low-End Vehicles

Increasing Sales In 2017
Three of the year’s four biggest auction events (Arizona Auction Week, Retromobile, and Amelia Island) have passed and 2017’s results continue [...]

Most Popular Motorcycles

Among Millennials
There are many reasons why classic motorcycles are increasingly popular among younger folks, aka Millennials. Aside from the sheer excitement of [...]

Hottest Classics

Under $10,000
The hottest cars under 10 grand right now, mostly aren’t cars. They’re trucks. Eight of the top 10 under 10 are trucks, in fact. This underscores [...]

Buick Rivieras

Why Aren’t They Worth More
The origin of the 1963 Buick Riviera is attributed to Ferrari 250 PF coupes that General Motors Vice President of Design Bill Mitchell admired in [...]

How To Sell Online

The Right Way
Many of us spend time perusing online car ads. Usually, a LOT of time. It’s because we often dream of the hunt, barn find, or deal of a lifetime. [...]

1990s Italian Cars

Buy, Sell Or Hold
Hagerty is constantly monitoring the market to see which vehicles are gaining popularity, losing momentum or treading water. Based on historical [...]

Alfa Spiders

Should They Be Worth More?
In 1965, Alfa Romeo was faced with replacing the 10-year-old Giulietta models. The iconic 1954 Sprint coupe and 1955 Spider were modern, yet [...]

Steals & Deals

At Amelia Island 2017
No matter how many seven-figure lots an auction showcases, or how expensive the cars may seem, every venue has some deals. Out of the 554 [...]

Coolest Bargains

At Amelia Island
Multi-million dollar auctions grab headlines every year at the Amelia Island Concours. Which is completely predictable because they sell some of [...]

Bedroom Wall Poster Car Factor

Gen-Xers Change The Market
This past weekend, more than $100 million—a record-breaking amount—sold at the annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida. While [...]
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