Essence Of Zuffenhausen

Porsche 908/03
The 908/03 is, without a doubt, a special car. Designed by Porsche especially for use on just two tracks in the World Sportscar Championship in [...]

Hard To Beat

Even though their cars were highly successful on the track, the three surviving Maserati brothers struggled financially, especially in the second [...]

Beautiful Foreigner

Volkswagen 412
Quite often, the look for perfection only happens as part of a hindsight. The Volkswagen 412 is no different. From today’s perspective, the 412 [...]

Ferrari Love

Home At Last
Bob Boniface was just a boy when he fell in love for the first time. “I was an easily impressed 7-year-old when my father told me he was going to [...]

Back To The 80s

VW Passat B2
The Passat B2 (1980) offered more space and synchro 4-wheel-drive for the first time.  The ideal companion for the hip 1980s. Report by Volkswagen

Back To The Future

Iso Grifo 90
In the late 80s, Piero Rivolta thought the time was right to introduce the brand back into the market with a new GT. Designed by Gandini and [...]

Creating An Affront

Ballot 3/8
It was an affront to Italy as a proud motor-sport nation that still has ramifications almost 100 years further on: at the country’s first Grand [...]

Bonhams’ Spa Classic Sale

Our Favorite Porsches
On 21 May, Bonhams will return to Belgium for their 4th sale at Spa- Francorchamps. Since we were covering the great range of significant racing [...]

In Its Own League

Spice SE89C
Already an accomplished and hugely successful driver, Gordon Spice established Spice Engineering in the early 1980s. Initially, the Silverstone [...]

Creating A Mustang Supercar

The 428 Cobra Jet
Legendary Ford dealership combined factory parts and race-proven engineering to create Mustang supercar. It’s possible you’ve never heard of [...]

Proper GT Racer

911 Carrera RSR 3.8
Porsche revived the Carrera RS badge in 1992 for a lightweight, competition inspired version of the 911 based on the ‘Carrera Cup’ [...]

Rare Breed

Mercer Cobra By Virgil Exner
Just about everything about old Cobras is solid gold, value wise. Which makes you kinda wonder about this car that started out life as a Cobra [...]
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