Nardi 750 Bisiluro

Strange Le Mans Race Car
There have been Le Mans racers, and there have been ambitious, potentially zany Le Mans racers, fantastical bouts of engineering and bizarre [...]

Preferring Economy Classics

Keep It Simple
There is much to be said about car collectors but these three things are for certain: each one panders to their own niche, wrangle up a slew of [...]

Lister Knobbly

Continuation Car Unveiled
Lister, also known as the carmaker with three thumping great swords inside a yellow and green insignia, is a grizzled company that holds a place [...]

Open-Top Rarity

Ferrari 365 California Spyder By Fiskens
This super rare 365 California Spyder, part of an elite group of only 14 cars produced at Maranello between 1966 and 1967, represents an [...]


Porsche Super Speedster By Gullwing
Extremely Rare 1958 Porsche Super Speedster This incredibly rare 1958 Porsche Super Speedster has been under the same ownership for the last 30 [...]

Extremely Rare

Weekend Heroes’ S3 Continental
This 1963 Bentley S3 Continental Drophead Coupe is a rare and desirable car, and it’s no wonder why. The S3 was one of the last Bentley makes [...]

Early 911S

The Largest Stock Of Porsches Worldwide
Literally, we haven’t seen a larger stock of Porsches, both raw shells and ready-to-drive, than we saw when we visited Manfred Hering, the [...]

Gucci’s Family Wagon

Jaugar Lynx Eventer For Sale
Over a period of 21 years, Jaguar built no less than 115,413 units of the XJS. All things considered, this is a different animal from the E-Type [...]

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

99 Head Production
  Thanks to “unprecedented customer interest,” Aston Martin has confirmed plans to build a limited production run of Vanquish [...]

Where Rich Experience Meets Passion

Pendine specialises in the sale of historic cars for road and track. Whilst focusing specifically on the immediate post-war period through to [...]

Nemesis On The Racetrack

Bizzarrini 5300 by Samuel Laurence
Bizzarrini is one of the important names in sixties motorsport. A genius trapped in his own project, a rebel that never bent to other people’s [...]

An Icons Helmet For Sale

Graham Hill’s Griffin Clubman
Graham Hill is remembered as one of the most talented Formula One drivers of the 1960s and ’70s, he’s still the only driver to win the elusive [...]
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