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  • June 20, 2017
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No Peter Auto season would be complete without a meeting in Italy, the home of many legendary circuits and some of the most beautiful, prestigious sports cars like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia and Maserati – authentic jewels in the collective imagination.

In 2015 Monza Historic was held for the first time and it is back on the calendar this year. It will host the Peter Auto grids at the beginning of July on one of the fastest circuits in the world.

The Monza Autodromo is located in the 800-hectare Parco Reale in the town of Monza to the north of Milan. It was opened in 1922 and it has hosted the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix since 1950 (except 1980), and is the home of the Tifosi, the famous Scuderia Ferrari fans. The length of the circuit is 5,793 km and it has 10 corners including the awesome Variante Ascari and the Parabolica. It is the fastest track on the Formula 1 calendar. In 2004, Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya set the quickest lap in the history of the championship at an average speed of 262,242 km/h after which he hit a top speed of 372,6 km/h during a private test session in 2005.

From 30th June to 2nd July the entrants in Monza Historic will commune with the past of this legendary track on which some of the greatest and also some of the most tragic pages in the history of motor sport have been written.The seven Peter Auto grids will race there accompanied by a guest grid, the FIA Lurani Trophy and its Formula Juniors.

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