Celebrating Ferrari’s Icon: Benelli 512M By Plan B Motorcycles

This bike truly embodies a classic racing look with modern performance parts, while featuring different materials and techniques.

“Let me start by saying that this is not a restoration and it’s not a replica either. Nor is it a proper tribute, but more like a celebration of a very important and iconic machine. The Ferrari 512 Endurance car was a milestone in racing technology which I have represented in this two-wheeled machine.” (Christian Moretti, the man behind Plan B motorcycles in Northern Italy)

The Plan B Benelli 512M is basically a good way to show opportunities in customizing bikes, except usual café racer or scrambler, and transforming an endurance car, a milestone in racing technology, into a current two wheel world. To implement this idea, a lot of courage and skills are required. One of the best custom bikes ever made. Check out the pictures.

Report by collectorscarworld.com
Photos by planbmotorcycles.com

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