The name PLVS VLTRA meaning ‘farther beyond’ in Latin, crystallises the Owner’s uncompromising quest for perfection. At the ancient Pillars of Hercules near the Straits of Gibraltar, it is said that nec plvs vltra (‘nothing farther beyond’) marked the gates of the known world. For those with exceptional daring, ambition and talent, voyaging beyond the gates – plvs vltra – became a motto for unsurpassed achievement at the very highest level. PLVS VLTRA is just such an achievement.

Tim Heywood’s wonderfully streamlined design for PLVS VLTRA has a characteristic masculine feel, while also celebrating the best of grand Côte d’Azur yachting. That rhymes very well with Winch Design’s interiors and reflects exactly the wishes of PLVS VLTRA’s Owner.


Even before her delivery, PLVS VLTRA – the first AMELS 242 from the Limited Editions range – caught the imagination of high-end yacht owners around the world. Interior designer Andrew Winch foresaw this during the early stages of the build, commenting, “She is not what you would expect. But when you see her, she’s going to open a new chapter for yachting owners.” He was quickly proven right. Even before PLVS VLTRA was delivered, AMELS had sold two additional AMELS 242 yachts and begun work on a fourth AMELS 242. Clearly, this design has become an AMELS signature. After seeing the AMELS 242 design, PLVS VLTRA’s experienced Owner – who also built his previous yacht at AMELS – returned to the yard with the team from Moran Yacht & Ship. The result is a yacht like no other and a confirmation that there could be only one shipyard to build PLVS VLTRA.

“I do believe that the end result is beautiful and timeless.

She looks strong, she’s built to travel the oceans, and you can see that.” – Tim Heywood


“I’m very pleased with how PLVS VLTRA has turned out,” Tim Heywood comments. “She’s a gracious design. The streamlined profile is quite unique and strongly recognisable – you can spot her instantly when she’s at the marina.” There are familiar Limited Editions signatures in the AMELS 242’s long clean lines and very strong, functional features. The yacht’s length made it possible to balance the larger volume superstructure and create a very good-looking profile without compromise to the interior space.


When guests board PLVS VLTRA, they ascend from the large swim platform up regal transom stairways to the 180 square-metre entertaining extravaganza (1,900 sq ft) on Main Deck aft. Wide sliding windows open up to the formal dining area and Main Saloon. The centrepiece is the swimming pool at 6.5 metres (21 ft) long and 1.2 metres (4 ft) deep with counter current jets for ‘lap’ swimming. As Tim explains, the pool’s elegantly low profile is enhanced with a 2-step-up raised deck. “When you arrive on board and experience the uninterrupted, elongated aft deck, you really feel this big space. The pool is central without being dominant.”

“The proportions of decks and interiors contribute to her very streamlined profile, while the smart layout keeps the interior volume at a very well-balanced 1,790 Gross Tonnage.” – Hans Konings


PLVS VLTRA’s midships Beach Club space is located in the most comfortable, stable part of the ship. It’s a huge full-beam 75 square-metre space (810 sq ft) devoted to relaxation and pleasure. It has a Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, massage room and a nail/hair studio. There is a shower, bath/dressing room and day head. The result is a luxurious Wellness Centre, reminiscent of Roman baths. “It is a central part of the yachting experience both underway as well as at anchor,” Hans Konings, AMELS Design Manager, explains, “with easy access directly from the central staircase and elevator. For guests staying in the Lower Deck suites, the Beach Club – and the sea – is just a few steps away.” The space has the same Lower Deck windows as the guest suites and a full clear ceiling height of 2.2 metres (7.2 ft). Natural light pours in, making it feel even larger. Even the sauna has its own window. The large folding beach platform starboard adds yet more space, light and lets the sea breezes in. The external stairs provide guests with access to Main Deck.

“A fresh take on classic Côte d’Azur grandeur.” – Andrew Winch


Everything is bespoke – there is no repetition. Every millimetre has been thought through in very detailed drawings and discussed with the Owner. Moving from space to space,the guest is rewarded with new impressions and objects of impeccable quality. Unique materials and finishes give each space its own signature. Overall, the impression is nouveau classical, a fresh take on Côte d’Azur grandeur. “There is a lot for the eyes to feast on – a highly decorated interior – but also gentle and relaxing to be in,” Winch Design’s Jim Dixon says. “ Blues and yellows – soft tones reflected in the pastels and patterns on soft furnishings.” 

The material palette ranges from intricately veined marbles to colour stains on beautifully delicate rippled sycamore. In order to create the classical ambience to the expectations and explicit detail requested by the Owner – a style which is far more common in land-based residential property – ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions resolve what appear to be typical decorative elements. For instance, the ornate crystal chandeliers that adorn the Main Saloon and dining area are ‘yacht-proofed’ – rather than free-hanging. The thousands of individual crystal droplets are secured by an equal number of tiny fixed metal pins.


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