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99 Nicknamed Classic Cars

Nicknames have to be earned. They are tokens of appreciation given only when people have built a special relationship to something (or someone). [...]

Recommended Read

260 pages celebrating the ture air-cooled happening that is Luftgekuehlt by Patrick Long and Howie Idelson. From now it’s modest beginning [...]

Recommended Read

Genesis Of A Genius
No automotive historian manages to get closer to his subjects than Karl Ludvigsen. With nearly 50 titles to his credit, and written and edited [...]

Black Beauties

Black is beautiful? Star photographer René Staud provides the ultimate proof. Text by Jürgen Lewandowski, who has over 20 years of experience as [...]

Recommended Aston Martin Read

Portfolio of Dreams
Our friends at Aston Workshop have partnered with photographer Tim Wallace to present the most significant Aston Martin photographic book ever [...]

King Of Cool: New McQueen Book

The Man. The Legend. “The King of Cool.” For decades, Steve McQueen has captured our hearts and imaginations. His canon of films is filled with [...]

Recommended Read

Riviera Cocktail
Finally back in print: Edward Quinn’s wonderful collection of 1950s stars and starlets on the French Riviera. No other photographer documented [...]

Recommended Read

The Story Of A Special Bizzarrini
It is not often that we see a book written about an individual car but that is what we have here. The car subject is the most successful Iso [...]

Ultimate Book Of The Ultimate Sportscar: Porsche 911

The thinking man’s sports car: a symbol of the relentless desire for peak power and limitless performance. The Porsche 911 inspires a worldwide [...]

The Golden Age Of Formula 1

An ideal gift for lovers of fine photography, fast cars and a fascinating decade. A worthy tribute to one of motor sports’ most exciting eras. [...]

The Impossible Collection Of Cars

It is the dream of many to own the world’s most beautifully designed automobiles, but most often only a handful of collectors ever come [...]

McQueen’s Motorcycles

The long-departed Steve McQueen is still the coolest man on two wheels. Even thirty years after his death, Steve McQueen remains a cultural icon. [...]
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