Porsche Outlaw Culture

Honoring The Legacy
Porsche Outlaw Culture
Tucked away on a nondescript industrial block in North Hollywood, California is a parking lot without a sign, behind a gate with no marking. [...]

XKSS Continuation Car

Pros and Cons
XKSS Continuation Car
The smart automakers realize that driving should be an experience. It doesn’t matter if the car costs thousands or ~$1.5 million Usd., as this [...]

Enjoy The Noise

The F-Type SVR
The F-Type SVR
Gird your loins for some serious noise. Ahead of the 2016 New York International Auto Show, Jaguar have made the rather fun decision to sound [...]

The Outlaw Speedster

Imagined By Brothers
The Outlaw Speedster
One of the things that’s so great about old Porsches is the way they can serve as blank canvases for ambitious project cars – vehicles that can [...]

Ferrari F40 LM Restoration

Crafting A Piece Of Art
Ferrari F40 LM Restoration
In front of me are three Ferrari F40s. One standard car, one F40 LM, and a stripped apart body at the very back—and that’s the one with my [...]


Rational Approach To The Emotional
Men are strange creatures. We’re macho and stubborn and that’s a dangerous combination. Here’s a perfect example: it’s [...]

74th Goodwood MM

Ford GT40 Is Pure Noise
Report by Goodwood Road & Racing   .sfsibeforpstwpr .sfsiplus_norm_row.sfsi_plus_wDivothr .sfsi_plus_wicons, .sfsiaftrpstwpr [...]

Mercedes 280SE Low

Perfect Cruiser
Mercedes 280SE Low
As part of our daily work here at Speedhunters, we are exposed to all sorts of modified vehicles. From mild restomods, to brand new performance [...]

1966 Bizzarrini Competition Lightweight Coupé

By Fiskens
Report by Fiskens TV   .sfsibeforpstwpr .sfsiplus_norm_row.sfsi_plus_wDivothr .sfsi_plus_wicons, .sfsiaftrpstwpr [...]

Car Collection

The Right Amount
Car Collection
My great-grandfather, Daddy Tom, was better at being an enthusiast than I am. His logic: “You only live once, so experience all you can.” He [...]

How To Start Your Own Collection

10 Affordable Cars For Starters
Forget competing with Boomers for ’57 Chevrolet Bel Airs and ’64 Impalas, or trying to match high end collectors dollar-for-dollar [...]

Record Ferrari

Superamerica For $4.4M
Ferrari 400 Superamerica
RM Sotheby’s moved an impressive $38.6 million in vintage metal at Amelia Island this year. And the top lot was the sleek classic you see [...]
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