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RD Classics offers a lot of unique and very rare Classic Cars and unordinary objects which you will see nowhere else!

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1965 Ford Mustang

1965 Ford MustangConvertible For many people, the Ford Mustang is the dream car from America. The Mustang Convertible is certainly not less [...]

1965 Pontiac Le Mans GTO

1965 Pontiac Le Mans GTOCabrio – Tri-Power Engine This Pontiac is a very nice and sporty car. You can see that its restoration was done by [...]

1957 Cadillac Eldorado

1957 Cadillac EldoradoBiarritz Convertible The beautiful design and the strong engine’s of the ’57 Eldorado made Cadillac an even [...]

1957 Chevrolet 3100

1957 Chevrolet 3100Pickup Truck / Inkl. TUV en H-Zulassung It is not easy to find an American Pickup Truck in an excellent state like this one. [...]

1964 Ford Thunderbird

1964 Ford ThunderbirdConvertible This beautiful Thunderbird Convertible is in a good condition. The paint and the chrome have a nice shine. The [...]

1956 Desoto Firedome

1956 Desoto FiredomeStationwagon The Dome Fire was the flagship and most luxurious model from the brand DeSoto. Equipped with the 4 liter Hemi [...]

1928 Packard Model 526

1928 Packard Model 526Pheaton Top Zustand Packards are considered by many to be the very finest automobiles of their time. This Packard is a [...]

1965 AC Cobra

1965 AC CobraFactory Five Inkl. TUV This sportive Cobra is a true eyecatcher with a very high fun factor. The Cobra is equipped with: Ford 302 [...]

1972 Chevrolet C10

1972 Chevrolet C10Cheyenne Longbed A Pickup is a real man thing, a practical “Longbed” loading bed, power steering, power breaks, a [...]

1950 Allis Chalmers Model C

1950 Allis Chalmers Model CTraktor All1s Chalmers 2.1 Liter 4-cilinder 18 HP Including US title and EU Customs Documents For more pictures, see [...]

1969 Buick Skylark

1969 Buick Skylark350 GS / LPG NL Kenteken The third generation of the Buick Skylark was produced from 1968 until 1972. The car came on the [...]

1972 Dodge Challenger

1972 Dodge Challenger2D Coupe This is a very popular and sporty Dodge Challenger 1972. The engine runs very well. The transmission shifts [...]
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