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A 17 years old boy repairs and sells 2 HP's in order to pay for his studies. For a while he looses track and ends up in a world of microbiology where he is surrounded by mircobes and viruses.

But contaminated as he is, Bernard Marreyt returns to his first love. The boysdream grows into a real passionate profession. In the garage no longer 2 HP's but Alvis, Bugatti, Invicta and other beauties.

You are looking for a topcar? Marreyt Classics has it or will go on carhunt for you. A professional guidance at your purchase, comfortable but necessary!

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1967 Lancia Flaminia GT 2.8 3C

We really like Lancia. This statement won’t come as a surprise to those who know us. Over the past years we have had some of the most [...]

1970 Ferrari Dino 246 GT M-Series

Does an automotive icon like the Ferrari Dino even need an introduction? No, but it sure does deserve a whole array of superlatives! If one had [...]

1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider by Touring

“This car is so smooth, silent and comfortable that you don’t even notice that you’ve crossed the 200 km/h mark! But [...]

1947 Talbot-Lago T26 Record by Worblaufen

French automotive history is dotted with mythical marques that were masters at combining competitive results with the creation of overly [...]

1973 Iso Grifo Series II 7L LHD

The Iso Grifo is one of those “larger than life” cars from an era when everything was still possible. The combination of Giotto [...]

1954 Bristol 404 RHD

When it was first presented at the 1953 Earl’s Court Motor Show, the Bristol 404 was a clear deviation from the previous four-door Bristol [...]

1961 Aston Martin DB4 Series II

What if you’re madly in love with the DB4 GT, but “the real deal” is out of reach? A modern rebuild isn’t an option [...]

1962 Jaguar E-Type SI 3.8 Coup LHD

It was already clear from the launch in 1961, but today, more than half a decade later, everybody agrees that the Jaguar E-type 3.8 Coup is THE [...]

1962 Lancia Appia Berlina 3rd series LHD

Let’s jump back in time, to the fifties and sixties: many Italian families can finally fulfill their dream of owning a car. While the Fiat [...]

1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 750D

We love cars that have the ability to catapult you to a different era and place. This delightful light blue Giulietta Spider is such a car: [...]

1962 Innocenti 950 Spider by Ghia

Italian charm… without the mechanical complexity! If you’re in love with stylish Italian coachbuilding, but you have more faith in [...]

1953 Cisitalia 505 DF Ghia

Cisitalia 505 DF Ghia LHD – 1953 We are quite confident that our classic cars friends and customers once more raise an eyebrow when they [...]
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