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What´s your path?

If life's about the journey, not the destination isn't it about time you hit the road? Turn off the TV and do that road trip. Feel the drive unfold into a thousand stories, stick your tongue out, push the boundaries, make memories, take a chance and tell us about it. Cool & Vintage is about experiences, so we're in it for the long-haul with you.

Get Dirty

No one wakes up to the smell of oatmeal. Sure, it's clean and good for you, but get that dirty bacon sizzlin’ and that black coffee going and the day is yours for the taking.. So before you dust off that car only to let it sit pretty in the garage, size up the mud trails on those wheel covers. Run your fingers through that filthy hood. Count the mosquitoes on the windshield. That's all passion, no inaction. So go on, stop waiting for Friday, embrace the getaway and earn your stains. A clean car tells no tales. (Oh and neither does oatmeal, by the way).

We Collect Life, not Cars

We don't do comfort zones. We leave the stamp collecting to our Uncle Bert, thanks. Our rides are cooler than videos of cats eating ice cream. And you know that's cool. We buy, restore and sell some of the funkiest, least expensive cars this side of the Dukes of Hazard and we're all about the legacy. If you live it, photograph it, video it, we wanna see it and we wanna share it. Our film and photography will be there even when cats with brain freeze are no longer cool and it is our gift and contribution to this amazing community of life grabbers. Us and you? We're family.

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2010 Land Rover

Philosophically a pure utility vehicle, it is an enabler, the original lifestyle vehicle. It won’t be the only car in your garage, but it will be [...]

Land Rover D90

We feel we really achieved aesthetic perfection Finished in Light Blue with bespoke water and UV resistant seats in Dice and Onyx, this is the [...]
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